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Warhammer Online Class guides: Black Orcs, Part 1, The basics

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Your basic guide to the Black Orc. Contains information about the class and warrior type. Suitable for those who want to gain an idea about the class itself.

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    The basics of a Black Orc

    Black Orcs are part of the Greenskins race in the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning MMO. They are the meanest and the most aggressive fighters in the game and specialize in leading the pack into battle. Toughened features and barbarian like qualities make up the Black Orcs. They charge up at the enemies in a battle and can take a huge beating, that is, if anyone can get up to them. It seems as if the phrase, ‘Offence is the best defense’, was said for them.

    As far as intelligence is concerned, they don’t appear have any, but looks can be deceiving. But black orcs can create and follow any complex battle plan with brilliant fighting tactics. If you are looking for some sturdy competition to the enemy pack, this brutal biggie is your best choice. They look like they were born fighters with all that spiky heavy armor, huge spiked shields and large Choppas about them.

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    So What Kind of Fighters Are They

    Black Orcs are the melee class fighters that use every bit of fighting power they have to bash their opponents up. They may use their fists, legs, and feet to get their enemies on the ground, and not let them get back up. They can attack even if they are without their massive Choppas. Offensive and aggressive, Black Orcs are perfect for anyone looking for some hardcore WAR action.

    Black orcs can safely lead a pack into the battle by marching head forward towards the enemy. They’ll bear every attack bravely as they tackle each enemy one by one, grinding into them, attacking them, making them powerless against the merciless rainfall of blows.

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    Being a Black Orc

    So you want to be a black orc? First, it is very important to know that Black Orcs can only attack enemies that are close by. They are barbaric sort of fighters, who will not stop attacking and crippling the enemies. That said, Black Orcs are not ranged fighters, and do not make the mistake of assuming that they can take down several enemies at once.

    Always best suited at the front, it is a bonus to have the Black Orcs as fully armored as they’ll face the enemy for your entire pack. What’s the use of having a big defensive unit in your army if it remains at the back, while the rest get bashed up?

    The Black Orcs’ style of attacking makes the enemy unfit to fight, in essence disabling them. As they constantly attack the enemy with unexpected blows you may notice that their biggest advantage is the building chain of brutal attacks, one leading into the other until they are victorious.

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    Attacking a Black Orc

    On the other side of the camp, are you? It’s good to know your enemies’ strength and weaknesses as you try to fight with them. The only thing that can help you fight a Black Orc and defeat it is by breaking the chain of attacks it tries to make on you. To do this, you would need to assess what skills it possesses. Otherwise it is very hard to get past this armored beast who would literally cripple your force with its brutal attacks. A good way is to attack it in a group as it can only tackle one unit at a time. Timely strategy is important to face this beast of a unit.

Warhammer Online - Guide to the Black Orc

This two part article introduces you to the black orc fighter class of the greenskins. The first part begins with the basics, while the second part deals more directly with the skills and attributes available to you for the character advancement.
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