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Squig Herder

The Squig Herder is essentially a support class and won’t tend to fare particularly well on his own but there is a fair amount of variation in the paths available and you can build your character up in different ways.


You can only have a single Squig at any given moment and there are various types. The Horned Squig increases your range by 10% and goes in for physical attacks but is vulnerable to magic. The Gas Squig increases your armour by 100% and prefers to attack from range but is very weak. The Spiked Squig increases your chances of landing a critical hit by 5% and deals out a lot of damage with ranged attacks but is vulnerable to attack himself. There is also a basic Squig option best suited to melee attacks.

Path of Big Shootin’

The Path of Big Shootin’ allows you to cause a lot of damage and while your Squig rampages away you can stand at the back firing off volleys of arrows. There are various abilities to develop in this path and the names are pretty self explanatory including Aimin’ Quickly, Poison Arrer, Clever Shootin’ and Finish Em Off. You can also fire exploding, choking and barrages of arrows. The Horned Squig is improved by this path.

Path of Quick Shootin’

The Path of Quick Shootin’ is suited to dipping in and out to cause carnage. It includes abilities like Splintering Arrers, Run Away, Shootin Wifi Da Wind and Behind Ya. You can also develop enhanced attacks and the ability to attack while running. The Spiked Squig is improved by this path.

Path of Stabbin’

The Path of Stabbin’ is the way to go if you want to get right into the action and start spearing your enemies. Your Squig can enhance your armour and help to defend you as you attack and you can develop abilities like Don’t Hit Me, Sneaky Stabbin and Foot Stab as well as learn to summon Squig armour which you can hide inside. You can also gain the ability to disarm opponents. The Gas Squig is improved by this path.


The Squig Herder is an interesting class and quite unique compared to other character types. In order to get the best from him you’ll need to train up the skills and be careful to avoid being spotted by the enemy wherever possible because you’ll be a prime target. His blend of damaging ranged attacks and defensive Squigs makes him a good character choice.

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