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Warhammer Online Squig Herder Class Guide Part 1

by: Simon Hill ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

This is a basic guide to the small green pet herding Goblins known as Squig Herders in Warhammer Online. This bizarre class of character can be a good choice and has a range of interesting abilities which make him dangerous in battle.

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    Squig Herders are smarter than your average Goblin since they have mastered the ability to round up fierce packs of Squigs and unleash them on the enemy. They are ideally suited to ranged combat and use a spear or bow to attack enemies along with their Squigs. These diminutive little devils cajole their pets with violence and raw meat and prefer to linger at range firing off attacks. They are the ranged DPS class for the Greenskins.

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    Strengths and Weaknesses

    The Squig Herders are not strong and equipped with light leather armour they have little in the way of defence preferring, to rely on their pets for protection. The Squigs offer great cover and can be used to distract targets allowing the Squig Herder to rattle off damaging long range attacks. Their greatest strength is also their weakness and without Squigs, if caught in melee combat, they won’t last long.

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    Fighting as a Squig Herder

    When fighting as a Squig Herder it is best to maintain a distance between you and the enemy. Your scant defences will soon be swept aside if you stray too close to a powerful enemy and you’ll provide a more attractive target than the characters around you. Keep a close eye on the flanks to prevent anyone sneaking up on you and take advantage of the fact you can fire on the run by sloping off like a coward.

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    Fighting Against a Squig Herder

    Squig Herders are considered an easy target, therefore enemy players often go for them first in a group. In order to take out a Squig Herder you’ll want to get in close. Sneaking up, especially if you are stealth class, is a good tactic. If you notice a Squig Herder creeping into range you can focus your attack on him and will often find he goes down faster than others around him.

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    The Look

    Squig Herders are ugly wee Goblins and in addition to their basic leather armour they like to adorn themselves with Squig heads as a macabre form of decoration. They are typically armed with spears or bows and sometimes both.

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    Squig Herders can follow three paths depending on your tactical preferences. The Path of Big Shootin’ is the classic support role best suited to long range attacks for people keen to stay in the background of battle and out of harm’s way. The Path of Quick Shootin’ is for medium ranged attacks for players who enjoy running and jumping around firing off ranged attacks and sticking in the odd stab. Finally, the Path of Stabbin’ is all about getting in close with the support of your Squigs and stabbing away at your target.

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