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Warhammer Online Class Guide: Runepriest Basics--Part 1

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Learn the runepriest's secrets, and find out what career path to take based on your favorite style of play.

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    Runepriest Overview

    Whether you are new to Warhammer Online, or simply new to this type of character, the best way to succeed in the game is to find out what sets the runepriest apart from everyone else in the Warhammer world. The first thing to know is that it is a class that only dwarves can play, and it suits them well. Runepriests typically appear well-armored and tough, and always carry a rune staff. If you know anything about dwarves, you know how much they hate the idea of magic, which might seem contradictory to their love of runes. However, dwarves see runes as completely different from magic, partially due to the ancience of runes. Dwarven runepriests respect runes, and dedicate their lives to learning all there is to know about the carvings that populate every rune.

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    What Do Runes Do For Runepriests?

    The power of runes lies in their carvings, which can greatly improve a runepriest's gameplay. He or she can use runes to heal party members, protect themselves and party members from damage, and of course, go on the offensive against enemies. In fact, runepriests are great to have in groups, where they can buff and constantly heal party members. Due to the sheer range of runes in their possession, runepriests are not known for doing tons of damage per second, but they are tough to take down, and can be great healers.

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    What Are the Runepriest Career Masteries?

    Runepriests have three options when it comes to choosing a career mastery, which can make a big difference in gameplay. The Path of Grungni is the first option, and focuses on dealing direct damage to one specific target, making this path great for those who prefer single-player mode. If you select this path, you can still heal group members should you choose to party, but know that it is better suited to concentrating on killing just one enemy at a time.

    If you are almost always in a group and love being an asset to party members, you should consider going the Path of Grimnir. If you choose this route, most of your runes will deal damage to large areas, and heal group members en masse. If you enjoy charging into a battle and wreaking havoc on several enemies at once, while making sure your friends stay alive to fight, you would enjoy this path.

    If you do not have a preference when it comes to solo or group play, think about taking the Path of Valaya, which works the same whether you are in a group or not. Runes in this career mastery focus on dealing damage that hangs around on your target, or heals that help your allies over time. Clearly, the career mastery you choose will greatly affect the way you play the game, so be sure to keep in mind your preferences before committing to one career path as runepriest.

Warhammer Online Class Guide: The Runepriest

Find out what makes this class tick, and learn the secrets of its many runes to fight and heal your way around the Warhammer world as a runepriest.
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