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Warhammer Online Class Guide: Runepriest Abilities--Part 2

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Find out if the Warhammer Online runepriest is the best class for you, and take a quick look at some of the runepriest's abilities.

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    What Do You Need to Play a Runepriest Well?

    The typical successful runepriest player has a great sense of coordination. Players need to be able to quickly buff and heal party members during battle, and be able to choose the best rune to use at the time in order to maximize the runepriest abiltiies. Runepriests usually fare best in the middle of any battleground, rather than standing off to the side to work their "magic." Be prepared to take some damage while dealing some yourself and healing allies in the same second. Considering the high amount of runes available to the runepriest, players need to be able to categorize them and know how best to use them. If you have played a spellcaster or shaman before, and quickly figured out how to categorize and properly use your spells or totems, you will probably be able to pick up the runepriest's style of play easily.

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    Examples of Healing Runes

    Runepriests are known as excellent healers due to their wide range of healing runes. The Rune of Regeneration heals a certain amount over time depending on your level, while the Rune of Mending restores health to your target immediately, and then continues healing over time as well. The Rune of Life is especially great to have in battle, as it can resurrect an ally and also give them 20% health. If you want to heal all party members at once, use the Rune of Valaya, or perhaps the Rune of Serenity, which will heal each nearby ally and then bounce off them to heal up to 6 allies total. With a glimpse at just a few of the runepriest's healing runes, it is easy to see why they are considered above average healers, and thus invaluable to a group.

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    The Typical Runepriest Look

    A Runepriest and his armorConcept art of a female runepriest
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    Examples of Helpful Buffs

    The more buffs you use on your party members, the less you will have to heal, as a runepriest's buffs can help allies defend themselves better. The Oath Rune of Warding is helpful, as it will increase your ally's possibility of resisting damage for an hour by a certain amount depending on your level. The Rune of Shielding works similarly, but also adds health to your friendly target once the rune fades. You can also increase an ally's Toughness for an hour with the Oath Rune of Sanctuary. If that ally dies within 10 minutes, they can resurrect themselves, thanks to the rune. Group members will thank you when you use the Oath Rune of Iron on them, which will increase their Willpower and Initiative for an hour. Oath Rune of Power will increase their Intelligence and Strength for an hour, and like any other rune, the amount by which it is increased depends wholly on your level.

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    Examples of Damaging Runes

    If you are not content to sit back buffing and healing party members, rest assured that plenty of runes can deal damage, as well. Both the Rune of Striking and Rune of Fire can deal elemental damage depending on your level, while the Rune of Immolation is more drawn out, dealing damage over a few seconds. Both the Rune of Striking and Rune of Immolation are indefensible, so they are particularly powerful. The Rune of Cleaving and the Rune of Might dish out elemental damage over time to any enemy within a certain area. As you level, these runes will give off more damage to enemies further away from you. The Spellbinding Rune will both silence and wound your enemy with elemental damage over time.

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    This is a very short list of just some of the runes available to runepriests. Obviously, the number of runes you can use and the damage they deal depend very much on what career path you choose, and what your level is. The best way to fully figure out the dwarven runepriest and all of its abilities is to create a character and play Warhammer Online.

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