How to Solo with your Bright Wizard in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

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Solo PvE

Bright Wizards are blessed with having a very easy time in solo PvE (player vs environment) situations. Regardless of the Mastery path you choose for your Bright Wizard, you will rarely ever be required to group with other players to accomplish most objectives. Obviously no one can complete all three stages of a PQ alone, but a Bright Wizard should never have any trouble filling up that influence bar regardless.

Which Mastery path you choose will have some affect on your cast sequence and which spells you choose to use in solo PvE.

Direct Damage

If you prefer direct damage and take the associated Mastery path (Path of Incineration), then your cast sequence for a typical monster of your level will probably look like this, assuming you are standing at maximum range.

Fireball -> Fireball -> Seer

If you are too close to be able to get off the second fireball, you have other faster-cast options available to you, though they will probably be less AP (action point) efficient.

Fireball -> Seer -> Pyroclastic Surge -> Burning Iron

is a good alternative to the above if your enemy is closer to you. If you are higher level you may replace one of those with Nova.

Damage Over Time

If you prefer Damage-Over-Time (DoT) effects, then you will probably be pursuing the Path of Immolation. If that is your preferred style then your spell choice and rotation will probably be much different. I have found

Ignite -> Boiling Blood -> Detonate -> Pyroclastic Surge

to be very effective. Alternatively you can take advantage of Fire Cage and Detonate in a different way, by casting Ignite on multiple monsters, _Boiling Blood_when the cooldown is up, Detonate, Fire Cage them all together and run away, then Pyroclastic Surge / Seer / Burning Iron and Detonate as needed until all are dead. You must be careful with this method, as casting so much will up your combustion and increase the chance that the multiple monsters + explosion damage will kill you. Use Meltdown liberally to avoid this.

Area of Effect

Many Bright Wizards prefer to AoE (area of effect) farm to complete quests and gain experience and influence. This can be a very effective method, but you must be careful. It is better to wait until you are a little bit higher level than the monsters you are fighting before attempting to AoE. Essentially, the purpose of AoE is to gather up multiple monsters and damage them all at the same time. You will benefit greatly by having a steady supply of healing potions if you are going to use this method. Likely if AoE is your style you will be taking the Path of Conflagration. An example spell choice and rotations is:

Ignite several monsters from maximum range, then Detonate. When they get closer, Flame Breath in their direction. If one or more of them still has a decent amount of health points, Fire Cage, back up a little ways, and Fiery Blast until they are all dead. Otherwise, use Scorched Earth liberally to take them down. Of course, spells like Sear can be used to finish off stragglers. Using this method you will likely suffer more damage, and probably die more, but usually earn more XP and other advancement points at a higher rate.

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