Mastering the Bright Wizard - Grouping for PvE

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Joining a Group, and, Your Role as a DPS Class

Everyone can benefit from joining a group, even at the very earliest levels. The first Public Quest (PQ) in each zone is typically open for players of level 2-5 and gives great rewards by way of experience, influence, and items. You can only complete a PQ with a group. The easiest way to find a group is to click on the Open Party icon, located underneath your character portrait. If there is an Open Party in the area, or multiple open parties, you may join one of them without having to request an invite by clicking Join at the bottom of the frame. As a Bright Wizard, your role in a group is to inflict a steady amount of damage to the monster or monsters you are fighting.

A good group will consist of a minimum of one of each of the following: a Tank, a Healer, and a DPS class. The tank’s job is to make sure that the monster or monsters that your group is fighting are always attacking him, and him only. Tanks are equipped with abilities and gear that help them mitigate a lot more damage than other archetypes. The Healer’s job, of course, is to make sure that the tank doesn’t die. He has a lot of armor, but he can’t live forever. As a DPS class, don’t expect to receive much healing if you get into trouble - your life is second to the Tank’s. Your only job, besides staying alive and out of trouble, is to deal a steady stream of damage to the monsters you are fighting. However, you have to make sure that you do not deal too much damage too quickly. If you generate too much “threat” in the monsters eyes, he’ll leave the tank and come straight after you - and then you’re on your own.

Managing Your “Threat” or “Aggro”

“Threat” and “Aggro” are two terms commonly used when describing who the monster is targeting and why. When a tank engages a monster;they use aggro-building abilities to ensure that the monster attacks only him. “Pulling Aggro” is the term used when a Healer or DPS class becomes higher on the “threat list” than the tank. This results in the monster leaving the tank and attacking someone else. In Warhammer Online, managing your aggro isn’t as big of a problem as it is in other games, as the classes are purposefully built to do their job - and their job only - very well.

Some Good Rules to Follow:

1. Give the tank time alone with each monster. Don’t begin attacking too quickly. 5 seconds is a good, safe buffer for tough mobs. Little ones that you can easily handle alone should just be burned down quickly.

2. If you get into trouble, use your Smoke Screen and stop attacking. Fire Cage can also save your life if this happens. Smoke Screen is a “detaunt”. It literally reduces your threat level in the eyes of the monster you cast it on, as well as decreases the damage that it does to you. However, if you keep hitting the monster, it will have no affect.

3. Slow and steady is the best policy. Don’t unload into tough mobs as fast as possible. It is better to stay alive and do damage steadily than to call upon the flames of hell and end up getting yourself killed.

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