All About Bright Wizards - Introduction to the Bright Wizard Career in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

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Archetype and Role

Bright Wizards are classified as being of the “Ranged DPS” archetype in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. Other Ranged DPS classes include the Squig Herder, Magus, Sorcerer, Witch Hunter, and Engineer. Ranged DPS classes tend to stand far away from the fray of battle, and their sole purpose is to inflict massive amounts of damage to the enemy. Among Ranged DPS classes, there tends to be two different subtypes. One of these is the so-called “glass canon”, and the other doesn’t really have a name. As a general rule in MMORPGs, if a class is going to be able to inflict massive amounts of damage, they shouldn’t be able to sustain very much damage before dying. Since Bright Wizards tend to deal more damage than the more heavily armored Squig Herders or Witch Hunters, they tend to die very easily - thus, living up to the “Glass Canon” title.

Special Mechanic

Bright Wizards use the special mechanic called Combustion. Combustion points begin at zero, and most spells that you cast add a certain amount Combustion points to your Combustion pool. Unlike some other classes, Bright Wizards do not “spend” their special mechanic points. Instead, the amount of Combustion you have affects the damage and critical effect chance of your spells. On the downside, it also causes Explosion damage to the Bright Wizard, better known as backlash damage. At 100 Combustion points, it is very easy for a Bright Wizard to accidentally kill themselves Explosion damage.

Combustion Chart

1-10 Pts: +4% Critical Chance; +10% Critical Damage; 4% Explosion Chance

11-30 Pts: +8% Critical Chance; +20% Critical Damage; 8% Explosion Chance

31-70 Pts: +15% Critical Chance; +40% Critical Damage; 15% Explosion Chance

71-90 Pts: +25% Critical Chance; +80% Critical Damage; 25% Explosion Chance

91-100 Pts: +35% Critical Chance; +100% Critical Damage; 35% Explosion Chance


The appearance of classes (careers) in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is what distinctly sets them apart, visually. In other games, the class name may be displayed on mouseover, but in Warhammer you must learn to recognize your opponent by their position, playstyle, and, mainly, appearance.

Bright Wizards typically have a general fiery appearance. They are usually carrying a staff that looks to have a lit torch on one end. Their clothing often appears to be embroidered with a flame design. Hair styles vary, and one of the options is to have no hair at all. However, most Bright Wizards tend to favor tall, spiky, bright orange hair that makes it look like their head is on fire. In addition most Bright Wizards have glowing runes and scripts etched into the skin on their arms. If a Bright Wizard is garbed in a non-descript fashion, then they are easily recognizable by the fact that they are usually lobbing very large fireballs in your direction. Another, less noticeable fashion choice among the Bright Wizard class is an obsession with keys, typically hanging from the neck and belt.

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