Warhammer Online Bright Wizard RvR Guide - Staying Alive on Your Bright Wizard

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There’s more the playing a Bright Wizard in RvR than just knowing what abilities are ideal to use - you also have to understand positioning, range, line of sight, and you have to be able to adapt and think fast. There is also the ever-important rule of “know thy enemy”. Learn everything you can about the classes that you are fighting against.

Range and Positioning

A Bright Wizard that enters the front-lines of a battle is almost always going to be a dead Bright Wizard. Just because you are incredibly powerful does not mean that you are designed to take a beating. In fact, your class is designed to fall over and die when someone looks at you funny, so stay away! Your abilities have a very long range. You can inflict a lot of damage from far behind the front lines of battle. Don’t try to be a hero, either. You need Healers and Tanks to keep you alive, so running off on your own is just a death wish.

Staying Alive

If you find that you are short on healing, use your Meltdown ability often. There is no use dying to your own magic. Find a defensible position - one where you can easily see the enemy coming and have time to get away. Warhammer Online has a lot of areas in their RvR zones and scenarios where a player can jump and climb on top of something and be relatively safe. Take advantage of these whenever possible. You can also sneak around into places where there is more cover from brush, or ruins, and deal a lot of damage before the enemy sees you. Favoring dull colors on your equipment can help keep you hidden longer, and makes you less of a target when among other flashy Bright Wizards.

Defensive Abilities

In the thick of battle, do not forget about Smoke Screen. Use it on a high-dps class that is targeting you to reduce the damage you are taking from them. Make sure that you do not hit the target that you cast Smoke Screen on, lest you completely negate its effect.

Your other clutch defensive ability is Cauterize. Its effect is entirely erratic, removing a single, random negative effect from you, but it can, and does, save your life if you use it as often as possible.

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