Best RvR Abilities for Bright Wizards

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Playing a Bright Wizard in RvR - Your Key Abilities

Realm Vs Realm (RvR) combat is one of the primary ways that a Warhammer Online player earns experience and items. In addition, it is the only way to earn Renown points that contribute to your Renown level. You level up Renown with Renown XP just like normal XP levels up your character.

More on the Renown System in Warhammer Online.

In RvR, especially scenarios and keep sieges, the Bright Wizard is one of the most feared opponents. Their long range, fast attacks, and AoE (area of effect) and DoT (damage over time) abilities can quickly spell doom for a target under their fire. Bright Wizards have been known to kill a large group of enemies in a matter of seconds because they happened to be standing too close together. There are several abilities that Bright Wizards have in their Mastery trees that make them incredibly dominant in RvR.

Playing With Fire: 5 Points, Path of Immolation - Causes all healing used on target to become 50% less effective. Every time a healer uses a direct* heal on them, flames lash out dealing damage to the healer. *This effect does not occur with heal-over-time spells.

This ability is a fantastic way to bring about the death of a player carrying a scenario objective, such as the Mourkain Artifact or the Tor Anroc Bauble. It is also good if you are focus-firing down a player that is receiving constant healing.

Withering Heat__: 9 Points, Path of Immolation - Deals damage and snares your target, reducing run-speed by 40%.

This is a great way to slow down an enemy that is at low health and retreating from you. Combo it with a hex like Boiling Blood and a Pyroclastic Surge and he will not be long for this world.

Spreading Flames: 9 Points, Path of Conflagration - Applies a DoT to your target. Each time the DoT ticks, it applies a 3-second DoT to all other enemies within 20 feet of your target.

Use this in combination with abilities like Detonate and Fiery Blast to deal large amounts of damage to a group of enemy players.

The Burning Head__: 15 Point Morale, Path of Incineration - Deals a large about of damage to your target and additional splash damage to all other enemies within 30 feet of your target. Each enemy hit by this ability looses 600 morale points.

This is a rank 4 morale ability, meaning at most you can use it every one minute. Regardless, it is incredibly powerful, dealing massive amounts of damage to a group of players as well as limiting their ability to recover and to fight back by taking away their morale.

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