Aion: In-depth Overview of Character Classes

Aion: In-depth Overview of Character Classes
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The Warrior is a mighty character that offers great melee fighting skills for players. This character is designed for tanking and fighting in close

proximity to their opponents. A Warrior offers protection for casters and ranged attacks. They are made strong by their armor and health.

Each class has a specific set of skills for usage. The Warrior has skills that focus on group and single combat, as well as damaging melee attacks to stun and mutilate other players and monsters in the game. Basic combat skills for a Warrior include: Robust Hit, Robust Blow, Rage, and Avenging Crash.

The weapons a Warrior can access are swords, maces, and shields. They can wear robes, leather, chain, and learn how to use cloth armor.

At level 10 the character class will be allowed to further customize their gaming experience by choosing the second character class as well as fly. The second classes for a Warrior are Gladiator and Templar.

Warrior: Gladiator


Warrior Aion Screen Shot

The Gladiator will stand on the front lines of combat and never back down from an enemy. They have not met someone who could break through their tough armor shell. Gladiator’s in Aion focus on health, strength, and agility to kill their enemies.

Warrior: Templar


The Templar defends the party from enemies and attacks. While this character class can also fight, a Templar is

Warrior Aion Screen Shot

there to offer group support and protection as well. Chants and spells surround party members keeping them safe. Templars focus on health, strength, and accuracy.


Never to be caught off guard the Scout is the ultimate character class for players who want a challenge. With wonderful agility and speed these creatures love to get into the fight and pick monsters, or other players, off one at a time. The Scout is a sneaky character class that can stealth around and kill before the opposing team even knows what is happening.

Scout Aion Screen Shot

The Scout’s skill bar will consist of major damage dealing. Basic combat skills for a Scout include: Focus, Ambush, Stealth, Lacerate, and Quick Slash. The Scout is both able to kill from close or far away and each will bring destruction.

The weapons available to Scouts include swords and daggers. Light armor is worn making the Scout somewhat vulnerable. Cloth and leather armor skills can be used. The Scout can also learn how to use dual weapons.

At level 10 the character will be allowed to further customize their gaming experience by choosing the second character class and gaining the ability to fly. The second classes for a Scout are Ranger and Assassin.

Scout: Ranger

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Rangers are the archers of group teams. They stand back afar and do melee damage to enemies and other players alike. This character class uses a bow to inflict pain upon others. The Ranger’s focus is on health, accuracy, and agility.

Scout: Assassin


Scout Aion Screen Shot

Fast, unnoticed, silent, and deadly is how to describe the Assassin character class in Aion. Stealth and quickness are forces to be reckoned with in this class. The other player will be half dead before they realize an attack is even occurring. Assassins focus on Accuracy, Agility, and Strength.


Mage Aion Screen Shot

Major DPS dealers the Mage is a class like no other. The only specialized class in Aion that offers DPS party support options. This class is needed and sought out by many in the game. A Mage can wipe out a large group of opponents in an instant with ranged casting skills.

Along with the enormous power of DPS comes light armor. Vulnerability can become a problem for Mages because of their high output of DPS on opponents. Staying back and attacking from behind the Warriors or tanks should give the Mage its opportunity to do major demolition and annihilate entire towns at once.

Skills are based upon high numbers of DPS damage. Basic combat skills for a Mage include: Summon: Fire Spirit, Stone Skin, and Wide Erosion. The basic skills that are utilized for each character class are also available for use and are good for energy and health control for Mages.

Mage’s utilize a magic book for their weapon. Relying mainly on spells and ranged attacks. The only armor type available for Mages is cloth. This creates vulnerability. However, the Mage is needed for both PvE and PvP.

At level 10 the character will be allowed to further customize their gaming experience by choosing the second character class. The second classes for a Mage are Sorcerer and Spiritmaster.

Mage: Sorcerer


**Mage Aion Screen Shot**

Combining and controlling air, earth, water, and fire with magic a Sorcerer can become a dominant and influential ally in combat with PvE or PvP. Taking hold of a battle where the numbers are clearly not in their favor a Sorcerer will wipe out multiple enemies at once with ease. The Sorcerer focuses on health, knowledge, and will.

Mage: Spiritmaster

Mage Aion Screen Shot


Between summoning spirits and pets the Spiritmaster can be a difficult class to master. Spiritmasters provide groups with powerful DPS from the many class specific skills available to them. Just as with the Sorcerer the Spiritmaster focuses on health, knowledge, and will.


The backbone to any party is always their healer. An MMO team is only going to go as far as their healer can heal. Without a person to provide life for the team it will almost always end in epic fail. Focusing both on protection and healing spells a priest in Aion can cover it all at once. Bringing other party members back from the dead and the ability to resurrect themselves right in the spot where they died without the need of other players is a priceless commodity.

Priest Aion Screen Shot

The Priest can wear multiple different armor types and utilizes a mace, shield, or staff. Basic damage dealing skills include: Hallowed Strike, Smite, and Heavens Judgment. Basic healing skills include: Healing Light and Light of Resurrection. Priests are provided with different buffs to place on themselves and other people as well.

At level 10 the character will be allowed to further customize their gaming experience by choosing the second character class. The second classes for a Priest are Cleric and Chanter.

Priest: Cleric


Priest Aion Screen Shot

The true healers of Aion are the Clerics. Resurrection, ultimate healing powers, and maximum potential Clerics are a much needed character class in the game. Supporting and protecting the tanks during battle, healing casters and rangers close by, while also keeping themselves alive or from being seen the healer controls the outcome of every battle. Clerics use a mace and shield and focus on health, knowledge, and will.

Priest: Chanter

Priest Aion Screen Shot


Unlike the Cleric a Chanter will utilize a staff instead of a mace during combat in Aion. Protection mantras help to buff gaming parties for battle. Instead of melee combat the Chanter focuses on a staff and offers ranged attacks. Chanters focus on will, strength, and agility.

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