Aion Chanter Tips and Tricks

Aion Chanter Tips and Tricks
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Not all that gives you wings

Now that you are officially a Daeva, complete with wings, extraction abilities, and access to professions, you will note a couple of other new things about your character: namely, the ability to equip chain gear and staff weapons. Upgrading to chain is a no-brainer, as you probably were not able to find much in the way of leather that suited your mana-using abilities. However, the debate between mace and shield or staff wages on in the player community. Most players, however, agree that the physical crit stats found on staves is more useful than the MP and magic boost available on maces. Keep in mind that the Chanter is primarily a melee dps class; healing, buffing, and pulling from range with your Smite spell are are incidental.

Rotation, Levels 10-12


Along with the normal Daeva abilities and some passive skills, you will also pick up a few new sparklies for your tool bar. Healing Light II gives you a bigger heal, and Meteor Strike is a new melee strike. Most exciting, however, is that you will gain for your first Mantra ability at this level. Chanting the Victory Mantra increases the physical attack power of not just your character, but all party members you are grouped with. Ah! The name of the class finally makes sense!

When not healing in a group, you can dispatch most enemies by pulling from range with Smite, and then applying the Meteor Strike, Hallowed Strike, and Heaven’s Judgment. Most mobs won’t live beyond that opening. Those that do can be dealt with by keeping your heal-over-time spell active and renewing the rotation.

Rotation, Levels 13-15


Booming Strike, your first new skill at this level, procs off of a successful Hallowed Strike. This gives you a choice in chain skills, letting you apply more damage by rotating the cool downs appropriately. Shield Mantra increase physical defense, shield defense, and weapon defense, making you the tank’s best friend. You’ll be pleased to discover that you can use more than one mantra at a time, so you aren’t forced to choose between party members to support.

You also gain the ability to resurrect fallen players without the use of a Revival Stone. During PvP skirmishes you will be appreciated for rezzing those like-colored piles of feathers whenever you encounter them. You’ll probably also see quite a few requests in the chat channels for rezzes, and most players will appreciate any help you can offer in that respect.

Rotation, Levels 16-19


The new abilities at this level are prepping you for your first real group challenge. The Magic Mantra benefits the casters in your group, while Hallowed Strike is upgraded at this level, as well.

While your rotation isn’t changing at this level, your abilities are being stronger and more varied. Be sure to use all of your buffs and mantras in order to maintain peak effectiveness.

Promise of Wind, gained at level 19, buffs you with a chance to inflict extra damage with your normal attacks. You will also learn the Celerity Mantra, which increases movement speed, and Incandescent Blow. This ability procs from a successful Meteor Strike and further reduces the target’s physical defense.



This is one class that really benefits from the weapon-switching feature in Aion. Keeping a mace and shield in your back pocket for bad pulls or back-up healing is a good idea. Meanwhile, fill your staff with +Physical Crit stones and be sure to use it whenever you are going one-on-one. A good Chanter is extremely hard to kill and makes a great friend to have both in dungeons and in the Abyss.

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