Aion Stats and Attributes Part I

Aion Stats and Attributes Part I
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Basic Attributes

Every character in Aion has the same eight primary attributes listed on his or her character sheet: HP, MP, Power, Health, Agility, Accuracy, Knowledge, and Will. These primary attributes cannot be increased by any means, and are set at specific values for each of the four main classes. Note that the “Accuracy” attribute listed in this upper section is not the same as the “Accuracy” stat listed below under both the Main Hand and Off Hand weapons. Power is your base strength, while Health determines your starting hit points. Agility relates to your ability to evade, parry, or block incoming melee attacks, and Accuracy determines both your beginning hit and crit rates. Knowledge pertains to caster’s spell damage and accuracy, and Will affects the starting MP pool and regeneration rate.

Defensive Stats

Def Stats

Evasion, Physical Defense, and Magic Resist are the basic defensive stats you will find on nearly all pieces of armor. Evasion is a dodge effect. Physical Defense and Magic Resist are similar, in that a Resist is the magic equivalent of a Block. Physical Defense can occur via either Shield Defense (Block) or Weapon Defense (Parry).

Of Evasion, Shield Defense, and Weapon Defense, these effects will only have a chance to occur when higher than the opponent’s Accuracy, and only the highest of these will proc. For this reason, each class has a preferred defensive stat. Those characters that would normally equip a shield (Templar and Cleric) will prefer Shield Defense (Block). Rangers and Assassins, with melee weapons, no shield, and minimal defense from armor, should choose Evasion. Likewise, Sorcerers and Spiritmasters will only be able to make use of Evasion.

Gladiators and Chanters have abilities and skills that buff their weapon defense, making Parry, or Weapon Defense, the defensive choice for those classes.

Finally, basic HP increases the character’s hit points, enabling them to survive marginally more damaging attacks. Of course, those classes wearing cloth and leather armor will not be able to withstand a sustained attack for long, regardless of their HP-stacking.

Melee and Physical Ranged DPS

Finishing Move

Assassins, Rangers, Chanters, and Gladiators require offensive stats in this category. Attack and Physical Crit are the coveted stats to look for on gear for these characters. Accuracy, as the counter to the defensive abilities, is also a helpful addition to the attributes of Rangers and Assassins, but should not be socketed over Attack or Crit.


Shield pose

The Templar is the only class that is designed to tank in Aion. Equipped with plate armor, a shield, and trusty one-handed sword, the Templar’s job is to wade into battle and absorb as much damage as possible while his friends beat the enemy down unhindered. Many of the Templar’s abilities rely on the use of a shield and effective blocking, making the defensive stats discussed earlier of primary importance.

Of course, the Templar isn’t always leading groups into battle and will often need to be able to solo quests and grind. For this purpose, switching out to a greatsword socketed with melee dps stats like Attack and Physical Crit is preferable.

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