Aion Stats and Attributes Guide

Aion Stats and Attributes Guide
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The Cleric, as the primary healer in Aion, is often seen as getting the short end of the stick in terms of boosting his effectiveness. Because spells cannot crit, and Magic Boost doesn’t affect healing spells, there isn’t much that the Cleric can do by increasing stats. Stacking MP creates a large pool of mana from which to call upon, but most Clerics do not have issues with running out of mana. From a healing standpoint, he may be best suited by stacking HP for the inevitable aggro pull from the tank.

The Cleric’s dps abilities are both magical and physical attacks, which makes it difficult to stack gear that benefits both. If the only offensive choice is to pick one or the other to boost, the physical damage will probably win out, requiring the Cleric to acquire and equip a staff as an alternate weapon set when soloing.

Caster DPS


Magical Accuracy is by far the most important stat for a Sorcerer, and much of the player community would say the same for Spiritmasters. Although it is the second-most preferred stat, no amount of Magic Boost will make up for a high percentage of spell resists and Magical Accuracy is the only way to increase your chances of landing that emergency Curse of Roots or Sleep. Ten points of Magic Boost is equal to approximately .8% increase in spell damage. Finally, additional MP increases your mana pool, allowing you to stay in the fight for a longer period. Mana treatments and Robe of Earth, combined with a good sized mana pool, will help to minimize down time.

Concentration is another stat that you may see on gear and weapons from time to time, and there is no description of this attribute or its effect in-game. What Concentration does is help to avoid cast interruption due to incoming damage. While it is at least marginally helpful when found, most casting classes should not be coming under fire and you will not find enough of it to be able to effectively stack. When you see Concentration on your gear, say thank you, and then forget it.

Magical Attack and Magical Crit


There has been much confusion over these two largely misunderstood statistics. It is known that spells cast by the character are not capable of a critical strike, and Magic Attack is often confused for Magic Boost.

The orbs and spellbooks carried by Spiritmasters and Sorcerers offer a special ranged attack separate from the spells that the characters cast. This weapon damage is affected by the Magical Attack and Magical Crit attributes; spells are not affected by them. Because the attack is so rarely used, it is never advised to stack these stats for any character. You may not see them except for on the weapons themselves, and perhaps on the occasional ring or necklace.

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