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Aion: Where is Tutty Quest Guide and Walkthrough

by: Melina Ann Collison ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The Aion game is growing in popularity since its recent release. Aion quest help is greatly needed for new players. Learn how to complete the quest Where is Tutty in this Aion quest guide.

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    The newly released MMORPG, Aion, has been causing quite a stir among gamers. Players are getting more involved in the game and Aion The Tower of Eternity discovering what treasures Aion offers. The stunningly beautiful scenery and character customization options is top notch. Quests are being completed in groups and by solo players alike. The location map finder for quests in Aion is a wonderful tool but not all quests are going to be marked on the map

    Learn how to complete the quest Where is Tutty. This poor unfortunate pig has been separated from his owner and needs help finding his way home. A level 7 quest that can cause players to run around in circles not knowing where to go is part of a two quest series.

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    Obtaining the Quest

    Photo By Melina Ann Collison There is a level 50 NPC (Non-Player Character) named Pernos who stands to the side of Agaric Spore Road. This very sad gentleman has lost his pet pig Tutty and would like to obtain your help to retrieve him. Simply walk up to Pernos when he has a glowing arrow above his head, level 7 or above, and accept the quest Where is Tutty.

    Do not be caught unaware because this pig is not easy to find. He is in one of the most unfortunate locations around and if you are not in a group or are a low level it can be hard to even get to Tutty.

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    Where is Tutty

    Players asking where Tutty is in the game gets a bit repetitive since the location map finder does not help. The reason Tutty Aion why people cannot find the pig is because he is in the most unsuspecting place possible; being roasted over a camp fire. Players need to get very close to the pig for him to trigger the cut scene which updates the quest. So someone could walk past this unmarked pig numerous times and not know.

    Enter Kabarah Strip Mine and head north west. There will be a pathway going up a hill. At the top of this hill will be a camp with a great deal of enemies. In the middle of the camp is a bon fire with a pig roasting. That is Tutty. Walk up close to him and the cut scene starts.

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    Where is Tutty Follow-up

    Photo By Melina Ann Collison After completing this quest you must now go break the heart wrenching news to Pernos. This man is understandably devastated and wants revenge for his poor pet pig Tutty. Pernos will ask you to get revenge for his pig and offer a second quest titled Avenging Tutty. This is also a level 7 quest and Pernos wants you to acquire 5 spoons from the Dukaki Vigilantes and Brawlers back inside the Kabarah Strip Mine.

    Upon completion of Where is Tutty characters will be rewarded for their efforts. 4150 experience is given and 2 Minor Secret Remedy of Mana potions (Available to Level 10 or higher, Recovers Mana Points (MP) by 540).