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Aion: Poeta Kalio’s Call Quest Guide

by: Melina Ann Collison ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Spread your wings in Aion The Tower of Eternity and join a world of fantasy and excitement. From the beautiful scenery to the incredible fighting players from across the globe are saying this game cannot be matched. Learn how to complete the first campaign quest in Poeta for Elyos; Kalio's Call.

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    Aion The Tower of Eternity

    Aion Logo Learn how to complete the quest Kalio’s Call in Poeta. This quest is offered in Poeta’s Akarios Village for all Elyos characters. Kalio’s Call quest is a campaign quest which means the Non-Player Character (NPC) will have a yellow hovering icon above his head instead of a yellow one. The campaign quests typically offer a story line for Aion players to follow and learn the Aion lore. Also, in your quest log the campaign quests will show up on a different tab. Get the best Aion quest help and Aion quest guide for Kalio’s Call campaign quest.

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    Obtaining the Quest

    Kalio The quest Kalio’s Call is a level 1 quest offered to every Elyos person who enters Akarios Village in Poeta. Walking through the first entry in Akarios Village prompts the quest log to pop open and players can view the new quest which they just obtained. This is going to be player’s first experience with an instant or automatic quest that they do not have to obtain on their own.

    Kalio Location 

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    Kalio’s Call

    After entering Akarios Village and receiving the Kalio’s Call quest Elyos players should head towards Kalio. Kalio is standing outside inAkarios Village  Akarios Village near a building. Again, he will have a yellow icon above his head indicating his need to speak with you. Kalio is going to be the NPC that gives the Elyos players their first 5 campaign quests in the game. All of these quests offer players a different experience. Make sure to complete every one of these first campaign quests offered in Poeta.

    Kalio's Building 

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    The Mercenary Captain Kalio will reward your player after completing the Kalio’s Call campaign quest. Since this is the quest that is Aion Screen Shot introducing all of the other campaign quests in Poeta the reward is smaller than expected. However, completing all the other first campaign quests will offer players much higher rewards.

    Reward – 10 experience