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Aion: Poeta Namus Diary Quest Guide

by: Melina Ann Collison ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Spread your wings in Aion The Tower of Eternity and join a world of fantasy and excitement. From the beautiful scenery to the incredible fighting players from across the globe are saying this game cannot be matched. Learn how to complete and unlock the Namus Diary quests in Poeta for Elyos.

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    Aion The Tower of Eternity

    Poeta Aion The Tower of Eternity is a visually stunning MMORPG that has thousands upon thousands of people talking across the globe. First going live in Korea, then following with a grand showing in China, the Aion game has now made it global and quest help is needed more than ever. There are many different areas and zones inside Aion The Tower of Eternity and even more non-player characters (NPCs) running around offering a multitude of questing options. It is easy to get confused and lost within this new world.

    It is important to understand how to navigate through the world and the different options Aion provides players. Tapping the “j” key will allow quick access to the Quest Log. There are little boxes next to the quests inside the log that you can put a check mark in. This little check mark allows for the quest to be seen on the right hand side of the screen. With this option you can review details of the quest or check progress. If a full detail view of the quest is needed again there is a small arrow on the right side of the quest that you can click on the screen and it will open your log again.

    Akarios Village 

    Inside almost every quest is a link that players can click. This link is usually the name of a NPC or place within the game. Clicking this link will open a map that gives players a location of the place they are looking for. Tapping “m” opens the regular map and “n” opens a clear map that allows players to still play the game while seeing where they are heading.

    Aion Screen Shot 

    Aion is full of different quests complete and areas to explore in Poeta. There are gathering quests, item quests, group quests, campaign quests, and general quests to help your characters level and learn how to play Aion. Poeta is designed as a starting area for Elyos and slowly takes players through the world of Aion step by step holding their hand the entire way.

    Take a walk into the world of Aion and get ready to be impressed.

    Aion Logo 

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    The Nymph’s Gown

    Namus The Nymph’s Gown is a level 5 quest that Elyos players get from Namus Diary. Namus Diary can be obtained by simply killing monsters in the different areas of Poeta. All the monsters have a chance to drop the item and you will not have to spend all day “grinding” for the diary. After obtaining the diary double click it while it’s in your inventory to accept the quest. The objective in The Nymph’s Gown is to first take the item to Namus and then once evening hits Poeta go to the waterfall and steal the Nymph’s dress.

    Daminu Forest 

    The Nymph does not like that her dress is going to be stolen so you will need to hurry and run away after picking the item up. The dress will be on the rock in front of the waterfall. After getting the dress return to Namus to receive the reward of 3,970 experience and 500 kinah.

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    An Ax For Namus

    The Nymph’s Dress quest offers players an opportunity to also complete 1 of 2 additional quests if Elyos characters complete the correct steps; A Lingering Mystery and An Ax For Namus. Players must refuse to give Namus the Nymph’s Dress to get these quests.


    An Ax For Namus is a level 5 quest that Elyos players get from refusing to give the gown to Namus. Then the player needs to talk to Namus again and give him the gown. Doing this will open up An Ax For Namus quest in Sanctum. The objective in An Ax For Namus is to find Anteros and collect the Silibaros Axe. After getting the axe take it to Seirenia

    Seirenia is in the Library of the Sages in Sanctum. This is in the rear area if the city. After getting the Axe talk to Seirenia again and she will give your character the reward of 2,350 experience and 300 kinah.

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    A Lingering Mystery

    A Lingering Mystery is a level 5 quest that Elyos players get from refusing to give the Nymph’s Dress to Namus and take it to Asteros Asteros instead. The objectives in the A Lingering Mystery quest is to travel to Asteros, a pirest in Akarios Village, and give the dress to her instead. This will then open up a quest with Seirenia in Sanctum. Seirenia is in the Library of the Sages in Sanctum. This is in the rear area if the city. Travel back to Poeta and find Namus once again to engage in a friendly little conversation before heading back to Seirenia for the reward.

    How you respond to Seirenia will determine the reward given.

    1. 4,350 experience and 2400 kinah – “It was a woodcutter named Namus.”
    2. 2000 experience and 500 kinah – “There were extenuating circumstances…”
    3. 6000 experience and 350 kinah – “I couldn’t find anything conclusive…”