Tips and Help for Gathering and Leveling in Aion

Tips and Help for Gathering and Leveling in Aion
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Gathering Quests and Leveling

Aion is quickly becoming one of the top rated MMORPG games. From the stunning graphics to the in-depth fighting styles Aion the Tower of Eternity has proven it is here to stay. When players first start the game they will need to start leveling many more things than first expected. From multiple professions that need leveling, logs and flowers littering that ground that can be picked up, to rocks and things floating in the air that are used for leveling too. Most of the leveling players do is outside the “player levels” that bring a character up to level 50 in Aion.

There are multiple different aspects of Aion that will take players far into the gathering skill or make them never want to gather again. Knowing how to gather as well as the best places is going to be a tremendous help in game play.

What is Gathering in Aion

When your character enters the game and starts leveling they will receive their first quest that introduces how to gather. The first

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Elyos experience will be on the ground with pretty flowers called Aria. Things are different for different factions but the concept is still the same in Aion. Almost every gather item will give 1 through 3 opportunities for a level or to obtain the item. More elusive items only allow for one gather. Being attacked, clicking on another player, clicking on the ground, targeting an enemy, and using a skill are all things that can happen which will cause the character to loose a gather opportunity.

Players can also fail at gathering an item. When an item is targeted and the gathering process has started a bar will appear on the bottom of the screen telling the player if your character is going to succeed or fail at the gathering attempt. Failing also causes a character to lose a gather. You cannot try to recollect a gather attempt that has been lost by any means.

Best Spots to Level the Gathering Skill

There are quite a few spots in Aion to level the gathering skill. Like previously stated there are variations for each faction on areas and where to go. The concept is still applied to every faction though. Here are the first 3 main Elyos places to help your character on his or her way.

  1. Poeta – First Area – There will be Aria aplenty in the very first area. Do the first couple basic quests and then before going to

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    visit the next town head back to the guy who gave you your very first quest. Across the road from him in the field is your an Aria flower. After getting that Aria jump off the ledge and to your right will be a second flower to gather. Directly across the road will be two more Aria flowers making a total of 4 flowers and 12 points per circle possible. Simply wander around in this circle collecting the Aria and level your gathering.

  2. Verteron – Above the City – Above Verteron will be floating rocks. Some of these rocks are called Small Vortex. These will be your character’s first experience with flying and gathering. Even though there are no quests given for this item until later it is a good idea to start getting them now.

  3. Verteron – Between Dukaki Settlement and Zumion Canyon – You will find Targena and Rose Quartz to gather up and down the road between the Dukaki Settlement and Zumion Canyon. Simply walk up and then back down this area and gather. You will find 2-3 rare gathering spawns and then 7-10 Targena.

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Will Skipping These Quests Affect My Leveling

Many times the gathering process gets flustering and tiring. Gathering takes patience and time. Players cannot hurry their characters

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leveling process any faster than they can their gathering process and both are things that are needed to be completed in the game for many different reasons. However, what if you were to skip all these gathering items by, not accept quests that ask you to gather, and stopped watching the sky for things to get? Would this affect your character leveling process in the game and if so how?

Skipping these quests and not stopping to gather items will do two things.

  1. You will lose the experience that comes from gathering and the gathering quests.
  2. You will not have the items, or the means, needed to complete any professions.

So the decision is up to each individual player. Do you spend the time gathering? Or do you skip this and continue to grind? Either way you will most likely end up coming back to gathering at some point in time later in the game. The choice is yours.

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