Collecting Aria and Tula’s Music Box Aion Quest Help

Collecting Aria and Tula’s Music Box Aion Quest Help
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Aion The Tower of Eternity

Aion The Tower of Eternity is a visually stunning MMORPG that has thousands upon thousands of people talking across the globe. First going live in Korea, then following with a grand showing in China, the Aion game has now made it global and quest help is needed more than ever. There are many different areas and zones inside Aion The Tower of Eternity and even more non-player characters (NPCs) running around offering a multitude of questing options. It is easy to get confused and lost within this new world.

It is important to understand how to navigate through the world and the different options Aion provides players. Tapping the “j” key will allow quick access to the Quest Log. There are little boxes next to the quests inside the log that you can put a check mark in. This little check mark allows for the quest to be seen on the right hand side of the screen. With this option you can review details of the quest or check progress. If a full detail view of the quest is needed again there is a small arrow on the right side of the quest that you can click on the screen and it will open your log again.

Inside almost every quest is a link that players can click. This link is usually the name of a NPC or place within the game. Clicking this

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link will open a map that gives players a location of the place they are looking for. Tapping “m” opens the regular map and “n” opens a clear map that allows players to still play the game while seeing where they are heading.

Aion is full of different quests to complete and areas to explore in Poeta. There are gathering quests, item quests, group quests, campaign quests, and general quests to help your characters level and learn how to play Aion. Poeta is designed as a starting area for Elyos and slowly takes players through the world of Aion step by step holding their hand the entire way.

Take a walk into the world of Aion and get ready to be impressed.

Collecting Aria

Collecting Aria is a level 2 quest offered to Elyos players by Polinia. Polinia is a priest and can be found standing outside of a building

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in Akarios Village in Poeta. You will know Polinia wants to talk to you by the hovering blue arrow above their head. The objective in Collection Aria is to find and gather the pink flowers that grow all around Poeta. You will need to gather 10 Aria to complete this quest.

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Walk outside Akarios Village and you will see the Aria flower growing all over. There is Aria as soon as a character enters the world of Aion for the first time. Aria will be a character’s first contact with a gathering item. Each Aria flower should offer characters 3 chances to get the flower. After obtaining 10 Aria head back to Polinia and get the reward of 1,310 experience and 3 Minor Life Potions.

Aria requires a gathering skill level of 1 point.

Tula’s Music Box

Tula’s Music Box is a level 8 quest that Elyos players get from Tula. Tula is sitting on a wooden chair in the Melponeh’s Campsite with

Iron Ore

a hovering blue arrow above his head indicating he wants to talk to you. Tula is a Mercenary Vice Captain. The objectives in the Tula’s Music Box quest is to gather 7 Iron Ore. You can either level up your gathering skill until you can farm the Iron Ore yourself or buy the ore from the Trading Broker. Either way this quest takes time unless your character has been gathering the entire time they have been leveling so they are able to get the ore without grinding. Return to Tula after getting the 7 pieces of Iron Ore and receive your reward of 2.950 experience and your choice of:

  • Akarios Dagger
  • Akarios Spelbook
  • Akarios Sword
  • Akarios Mace


Each Iron Ore should allow characters 3 chances to gather the item. Iron Ore requires a gathering skill of 15 points.

Importance of Gathering and Harvesting

Gathering and harvesting items in Aion benefits characters on multiple levels. Each successful gathering session will give the character experience. You will not get a point for each successful gather; it will take a long time and a multitude of successful gathering opportunities to gain points and level. When a character reaches gathering level 99 it is time to head to Sanctum for a gathering upgrade to 100.

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It is possible for players to skip the gathering quests and simply work on quests that require less grinding. However, when people do this they are missing out on the extra experience from gathering and completing the gathering quests. It is important to complete all quests offered in the Poeta area, gathering quests included. You will be thanking yourself for completing these quests at level 50.

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