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Aion: Poeta Request of the Elim Quest Guide

by: Melina Ann Collison ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Spread your wings in Aion The Tower of Eternity and join a world of fantasy and excitement. From the beautiful scenery to the incredible fighting players from across the globe are saying this game cannot be matched. Learn how to complete the first Elyos campaign quests offered in Poeta.

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    Aion The Tower of Eternity

    Aion Logo Learn how to complete the quest Request of the Elim in Poeta. This quest is offered to all Elyos characters. The Request of the Elim quest is a campaign quest which means the Non-Player Character (NPC) will have the yellow hovering icon above his or her head instead of the blue one. Also, in your quest log the campaign quests will show up on a different tab. Get the best Aion quest help and Aion quest guide for Request of the Elim.

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    Obtaining the Quest

    Noah Request of the Elim is a level 5 quest offered to characters by Ampeis. Ampeis is standing along the main road in Poeta. He will be on the right side shoveling near a wheel barrow. However, if your character has not just completed Kalio’s Call they will not have access to this quest. Remember to stop and talk to Kalio upon arriving at Akarios Village so you can get the additional first campaign quest continuations.


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    Request of the Elim

    After talking to Ampeis to update the quest he will direct you to the Forest Protector Noah right up the road on the left. First thing Waking up the Elders Noah will give you is a flute and he will then ask that you find and wake up 2 Sleeping Elders in the nearby forest. You simply need to click on the elders to play the flute and not the actual item that is in your inventory. These can be hard to find but have a quick respawn rate so if you wait after getting the Sleeping Elder you can get the same one again. After waking up the elders travel back to Noah who will then ask you to collect 6 Kobald Axes. Go into the Deforested Area and kill both Dukaki Lumberjacks and Dukaki Woodcutters for the axes.


    Upon returning to Noah with the axes he will then direct you up the road further to speak with Daminu. Daminu will help you retrieve you last memories by porting your character to the Afira Obelisk where you will need to talk with Belpartan. After a short flight you will be teleported back to Daminu who asks you to go visit Kalio in Akarios Village.

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    The Mercenary Captain Kalio will reward your player after completing the Request of the Elim campaign quest. From Daminu head back into Akarios Village towards Kalio to collect the reward. Kalio will give your character 2,830 experience and your choice of 1 of Lost Memories the following items:

    • Mercenary’s Spellbook
    • Mercenary’s Mace
    • Mercenary’s Sword
    • Mercenary’s Dagger

    Your character will also get the title: Tree-Hugger.