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Aion: Poeta Cliona Lake Quest Guide

by: Melina Ann Collison ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/14/2012 • Leave a comment

Spread your wings in Aion The Tower of Eternity and join a world of fantasy and excitement. From the beautiful scenery to the incredible fighting players from across the globe are saying this game cannot be matched. Learn how to complete the quests offered in Cliona Lake Poeta.

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    Aion The Tower of Eternity

    Aion The Tower of Eternity is a visually stunning MMORPG that has thousands upon thousands of people talking across the globe. First going live in Korea, then following with a grand showing in China, the Aion game has now made it global and quest help is needed more than ever. There are many different areas and zones inside Aion The Tower of Eternity and even more non-player characters (NPCs) running around offering a multitude of questing options. It is easy to get confused and lost within this new world.

    Aion Logo 

    It is important to understand how to navigate through the world and the different options Aion provides players. Tapping the “j” key will allow quick access to the Quest Log. There are little boxes next to the quests inside the log that you can put a check mark in. This little check mark allows for the quest to be seen on the right hand side of the screen. With this option you can review details of the quest or check progress. If a full detail view of the quest is needed again there is a small arrow on the right side of the quest that you can click on the screen and it will open your log again.

    Inside almost every quest is a link that players can click. This link is usually the name of a NPC or place within the game. Clicking this link will open a map that gives players a location of the place they are looking for. Tapping “m” opens the regular map and “n” opens a clear map that allows players to still play the game while seeing where they are heading.

    Take a walk into the world of Aion and get ready to be impressed

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    Light Up The Night

    Pranoa Light Up The Night is a level 6 quest that Elyos players get from Pranoa. Pranoa will be standing near Cliona Lake outside of Akarios Village with a hovering blue arrow above his head indicating that he wants to talk to you. The objective in Light Up The Night is to collect 6 Sparky Luciferins. Kill Adult Sparkies to collect the Sparky Luciferins.

    Pranoa Location 

    The Adult Sparkies are flying around the area. Simply kill the Adult Sparkies and collect their Sparky Luciferins that drop. Then return to Pranoa to receive the reward of 2,250 experience and 450 kinah.

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    The Woodcutter’s Lost Axe

    Namus The Woodcutter’s Lost Axe is a level 3 quest that Elyos players get from the item Broken Axe Handle. The Broken Axe Handle can be obtained by killing monsters in the Poeta area. Any zone in Poeta and all monsters have the opportunity to drop the Broken Axe Handle. Simply questing and leveling normally will get players the Broken Axe Handle. There is not usually a need to "grind" for this item. Double click the Broken Axe Handle while it is in your inventory to receive the quest. The objective in The Woodcutter’s Lost Axe quest is to take the Broken Axe Handle to Namus who will reward you.

    Cliona Lake 

    Namus can be found in Poeta Daminu Forest. Namus will then give you a reward of 420 experience for your troubles and 400 kinah.

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    To Fish In Peace

    Feira To Fish In Peace is a level 4 quest that Elyos players get from Feira. Feira will be sitting on the right side of Cliona Lake across the small bridge outside of Akarios Village with a hovering blue arrow above her head indicating that she wants to talk to you. The objectives in the To Fish In Peace quest is to kill 5 Rakeclaw Slinks and 5 Brownbristle Brax.

    Brownbristle Brax 

    The Rakeclaw Slinks and Brownbristle Braxs will be hiding in and around Cliona in Poeta. The Rakeclaw Slinks easily blend in with the bushes so make sure to scout the area carefully. After you take the quest these animals are right behind you in the water. Not hard to find at all. Do not over aggro at this level or you will surely die. Death in Aion means a loss of experience and that is something no one wants. Feira will have your reward after killing the animals. She gives you 1,259 experience for your troubles and 470 kinah.