Sacred: Underworld – Guide to the Characters of Wood Elf, Battle Mage, and Daemon

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Having been hailed as the closest to Diablo 2 aside from Titan Quest, Sacred and Sacred Underworld sold 1.8 million and is still played in great numbers today. There are six characters in Sacred and its expansion, Underworld, brought with it two more. Much like World of Warcraft, the starting character will start out in its own section of the world. It also has its own starting quest. This article will look into the characters of the Wood Elf, Battle Mage and the Daemon in Sacred and Sacred Underworld.

Wood Elf

A sniper that is a master of the long range weapon, the Wood Elf can pick off enemies one by one.

Attributes: 13 Strength, 13 Endurance, 29 Dexterity, 21 Physical Regeneration, 24 Mental Regeneration, and 25 Charisma.

Skills: The Wood Elf starts out with Weapon Lore and Agility. At level 3, you get Magic Lore, Ranged Combat, Riding, Moon Magic, Meditation, Concentration, Constitution, and Long handled Weapons. Level 6, Trading. Level 12, Sword Lore. Level 20, Armor. Level 30, Disarming. Level 50, Parrying.

Combat Moves:

  • Eye for an Eye – A rapid melee or ranged attack.
  • Explosive Arrow – Impact damage and explodes on fatal impact.
  • Hard Hit – A strong melee or ranged attack.
  • Knockback Arrow – An arrow that has knockback ability.
  • Penetrating Arrow – A penetrating arrow that goes through foes.
  • Multiple Shot – Fire more than one arrow at a time.
  • Multi-Hit – An attack that hits all foes in range.
  • Call of the Ancestors – Souls of tree ancestors are summoned to help.
  • Spider Arrow – Spiders appear on impact with arrow.
  • Companion of the Woods – Summons a unicorn to help.
  • Plant Cage – plants come up from ground and trap foes.
  • Quick as a Flash – Both movement and attack speed in increased.
  • Poisoned Tendrils – The plants that come up from ground are poisonous traps.
  • Thorn Bush – Damages all foes hit by it.
  • Recuperation – Nearby energy to heal the elf and the companion.
  • Transformation – All foes go to be harmless animals, good to help escape.

Battle Mage

A magic mage that also has weaponry skills, marrying caster abilities with barbarian abilities.

Attributes: 16 Strength, 15 Endurance, 20 Dexterity, 14 Physical Regeneration, 30 Mental Regeneration, and 10 Charisma.

Skills: A Battle Mage starts off with Meditation and Magic Lore. At level 3 there is Fire Magic, Water Magic, Earth Magic, Air Magic, Sword Lore, Weapon Lore, Riding, and Long handled Weapons. At level 6, Agility. At level 12, Trading. Level 20, Constitution, Level 30, Disarming. Level 50, Parrying.

Combat Moves:

  • Fireball – Fire damage with fire balls for the enemies.
  • Flame Skin – Sets mage on fire to damage and protect.
  • Purgatory – A flaming conflagration to damage nearby foes.
  • Fire Spiral – A circle of fire to do fire damage to foes.
  • Stone Skin – Turns battle mage into stone for protection.
  • Circle of Fear – A wall of runes around mage that works as a shield.
  • Petrifaction – This turns foes to stone, if hit they shatter.
  • Meteor Storm – Throws meteorites from the sky to foes.
  • Gust of Wind – Throws wind at foes to damage and knockback.
  • Whirlwind – Creates a whirlwind that can make foes lose weapons and mess up hits.
  • Phase Shift – Enables teleportation to anywhere that they can actively see.
  • Lightning Strike – Lighting attack that will jump from foe to foe.
  • Cataract of Agility – Increases the agility of the mage or ally.
  • Ice Shards – Ice shards attack and damage the enemies.
  • Ring of Ice – This creates a frost ring that slow and damage.
  • Spiritual Healing – Regenerates life to mage or ally. Cures Poison.
  • Water Form – Turns mage to water, turning him transparent.
  • Ghost Meadow – Increases regeneration of spells.
  • Shield Wall – A wall shield that will protect against ranged and magic attacks, doesn’t help in close combat.
  • Reiki – This speeds up regeneration of life energy for mage or ally.


A powerful demon to use mental abilities and strength to torment its foes. A strong and powerful character.

Attributes: 35 Strength, 21 Endurance, 22 Dexterity, 18 Physical Regeneration, 28 Mental Regeneration, and 15 Charisma.

Skills: The Daemon starts with Weapon Lore and Magic Lore. At level 3 there is Hell Power, Dual Wielding, Meditation, Axe Lore, Sword Lore, Concentration, Constitution, and Long handled Weapons. At level 6, Agility. At level 12, Riding. At level 20, Armor. At level 30, Disarming. Level 50, Parrying.

Combat Moves:

  • Abysmal Choir – This choir confuses foes, slows them, and injures them.
  • Blazing Disc – A flaming disc that circles and damages foes.
  • Call of Death – Draws souls of dead into weapon for more damage.
  • Dread – A scream that reduces attack and defense values of foes.
  • Hell Sphere – Ball of flames that go to foes.
  • Tentacles – Corpses grow tentacles and attack enemy.
  • Infernal Power – The weapon and shield grow flames and increases attack value.
  • Battle Daemon – White aura and higher physical damage and resistance. (Assail: Quick series of attacks on foe)
  • Energy Daemon – Blue aura and resistance to magic increased, some physical damage converts to magical damage. (Charged Bolts: charged bolts spray out to foe)
  • Fire Daemon – Red Aura and resistance to fire and some physical damage converts to fire damage (Wall of Flames: a wall of fire)
  • Poison Daemon – Green aura and resistance to poison and some of the physical damage converts to poison damage. (Poison Ring: A poisonous cloud to injure nearby foes)
  • Soaring Daemon – A flying spell where there is higher defense. (Descent: dive bomb for severe damage to foes)


As you can see from the last three characters in Sacred and Sacred Underworld, there is a tremendous range of classes that you can choose from. Everyone has their own playing style, and I’m sure one of these 8 total characters will work for you.

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