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Sacred: Underworld – Multiplayer Game Guide

by: M.S. Smith ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

If you are wanting to link up with buddies and play Sacred or Sacred Underworld, you'll want to know the types of multiplayer games at your disposal. This will tell you all about them.

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    For Sacred and its expansions of Sacred Underworld, Sacred Plus, and Sacred Gold, there are several different types of multiplayer gaming available. There is hardcore and softcore play, where if you are in hardcore you will lose everything and not resurrect if you die. In softcore play your survival bonus is zero but you will resurrect if you die.

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    Types of Gaming

    There are three types of gaming in the Sacred series. There is PvP, Freeplay, and the Campaign/Co-op style. These three types of gaming incorporate generally all playing styles.

    In PvP (player vs. player), you can’t damage your party members but you can damage others. You’ll have access to the side quests (and the underworld campaign if you have the expansion) but not the main quests. There is no save feature to PvP and everything resets when you come back.

    In Campaign/Co-op, you can save your game and do the main quests. It is played in LAN, open, or the dedicated game server. Only the host has the option to save. These games are the “normal" gaming, either singularly or with a partner or group.

    In Freeplay, the side quests are available but the main quests aren’t. If you have the expansion you are allowed to do the underworld campaign. There is no saving, and everything is reset when you log out and come back in. It is basically a PvP setting with no ability to kill or maim others.

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    Multiplayer Choices

    There are three multiplayer choices in the Sacred and expansions series. There is the closed, the LAN, and the open game. For closed, your game is saved on the server’s of the game company, Ascaron. It is secure and if your computer crashes, not all is lost. In a LAN setting, characters are auto saved when you leave a game server. All must be running the latest edition and patch, and the games are hosted by people on a local area network. In the last setting, the open setting, the game is stored on the computer and accessed via the internet. This is the unsecured method of game play.

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    Access Levels to Rooms

    In Sacred Plus the following is when your character can access different rooms: With a level of 1 to 60 you will get into the Bronze Room. For a level of 20 to 100 you will get into the Silver Room. For levels of 60 to 140 you will be allowed into the Gold Room. For a character with a level of 100 to 206 you will get into the Platinum Room. For the last Room, the Niobium Room, you will need to be a character level of 140 to 206.

    In Sacred Gold or Sacred Underworld the following is going to be when your character will be able to access the different level rooms: With your character as a level of 1 to 60 you can get into the Bronze Room. With a level of 20 to 100 you can get into the Silver Room. For a character with a level of 60 to 140 you will have access to a Gold Room. With a level of 100 to 180 you are allowed into the Platinum. While a level of 140 to 216 in your character will let you into the Niobium Room.