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Sacred: Underworld – Guide to the Characters (Dark Elf, Dwarf)

by: M.S. Smith ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

With the new release of Sacred 2, perhaps you are going back and revisiting an old favorite in Sacred. This will refresh your memory of the Dark Elf and the Dwarf in the game.

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    Sacred has been called the closest thing to Diablo 2 aside from Titan Quest. Released in 2004, the new Sacred 2 has just been released on PC and is coming to XBOX 360. More than 1.8 million of the game was sold. There are six beginning character classes (Sacred) and two expansion characters (Underworld). These eight characters give a good mix of combat styles, looks, and abilities. Much like World of Warcraft, the starting character starts out in its own section of the world and has its own starting quest. This article will look into the characters of the Dark Elf and the Dwarf in Sacred and Sacred Underworld.

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    The Dark Elf

    The dark elf is part of the original six characters in the unexpanded Sacred edition. It uses poisons and traps very well.

    Attributes: 26 Strength, 18 Endurance, 26 Dexterity, 20 Physical Regeneration, 0 Mental Regeneration, and 16 Charisma.

    Skills: Dark Elves start with Concentration and Weapon Lore. At level 3, they have Dual Wielding, Trap Lore, Ballistics, Blade Combat, Riding, Constitution, Agility, and Disarming. At level 6, Unarmed Combat. At level 12, Armor. At level 20, Sword Lore. At level 30, Parrying. At level 50, Trading.

    Combat Moves:

    • Cobra – This move will hypnotize those around you.
    • Confusion – A trap that will stun your foe.
    • Explosive Charge – A trap thrown that explodes and damages those in range.
    • Poison Mist – A trap that has poison to rise and damage.
    • Testosterone – Skill helps increase power in attacks.
    • Combat Kick – Punts foe with a little poison too.
    • Pak-Dain – It is a force field that deflects damage back to foes.
    • Mongoose – You can move swiftly away from battle.
    • Rage – You can do your attacks faster.
    • Pak-Nakor – A force field that absorbs magic and flings it back to foes.
    • Soul Catcher – Absorb souls of dead and get more health.
    • Revenge – Strong weapon blow or a harder combat kick.
    • Adrenaline – Better short term defense.
    • Sudden Fury – In melee range, all foes are hit with a hard blow.
    • Battle Fog – A thrown trap that blinds opponents with fog.
    • Bottomless Pit – A trap that makes those hit with hellfire.
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    The Dwarf

    The Dwarf is the only character that can craft weapons and armor on their own. He fights in close combat, usually with axes and hammers.

    Attributes: 26 Strength, 18 Endurance, 25 Dexterity, 24 Physical Regeneration, 0 Mental Regeneration, and 8 Charisma.

    Skills: The Dwarf starts with Constitution and Weapon Lore. At level 3 they have Weapon Technology, Dwarven Lore, Parrying, Axe Lore, Armor, Concentration, Ranged Combat, and Trading. At level 6, Unarmed Combat. At level 12, Sword Lore. At level 20, Fore Lore. At level 30, Disarming. At level 50, Agility.

    Combat Moves:

    • Recoil – While using two handed weapons, the enemy is flung backwards by a hard blow.
    • Vehemence – While using two handed weapons, foes take direct damage while those nearby take a percentage.
    • War Cry – A roar that increases the attack and defense of the Dwarf and his allies.
    • Cannon Blast – A cannon round that shatters when it hits to do ranged damage.
    • Dwarven Armor – This has a higher fire and poison resistance.
    • Dwarven Steel – Weapons glow and the physical resistance of enemies is lowered.
    • Entrench – Dig into the ground with higher defense.
    • Flame Thrower – Fire flames at your opponent from a pack.
    • Greed – It will lower your defense but increase your chance to get a valuable item drop.
    • Landmine – These mines will explode with foes step on them.
    • Mortar Grenade – Fires grenades from his pack to those enemies around.
    • Assault – A combo of kicks and hits (Musket: a furry of shots)
    • Battle Rage – Dwarf’s frequency of hits increase, and more so with enemy damage. (Musket: higher shot frequency)
    • Heavy Blow – A leaping hard blow with higher damage. (Musket: Fire through the enemy)
    • Wrath – Spinning attack that hits many foes. (Musket: Spinning shots for multiple foe hits)
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    As you see the Dwarf and Dark Elf are two interesting characters in the myriad of players in the game of Sacred and Sacred Underworld. The next part will look at more of the eight characters that are found in the game.

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