Sacred Bestiary Guide Part Two

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Want to know precisely what enemies are out there, what class and each subsection of monsters? This is the guide that will tell you. There are basically a set few classes of enemies in the game. These are Animals, Demons, Dragons, Small Dragons, Dryads, Elves, Ghosts, Goblins, Hirelings, Humans, Monsters, Undead and Unique. This article deals with Hirelings, Humans, Monsters, Small Dragons, Undead, and the Unique.


Humans that are good at fighting and part of close combat attacks are hirelings. They will be seen usually with archers that will start taking you out from a distance, making you fight the hirelings in trying to get to the archers. These are enemies that can be warriors that stand their ground.

There are 30 types of Hirelings: Anducar’s Elite Guard, Anducar’s Guard, Armored Warrior, DeMordreyan Blood Hunter, DeMordreyan Redneck, DeMordreyan Infantry, DeMordreyan Ronin, DeMordreyan Soldier, DeMordreyan Swordmaster, DeMordreyan Sharuka Captain, DeMordreyan Sharuka Warrior, Mohkva Rider, Mohkva, Praetorian, Ronin of Urkuk, Royal Pioneer, Valorian Soldier, Valorian Swordsman, Valorian Swordmaster, Mercenary of Hedgenton, Mercenary of Urkuk, Deserting Soldier, Dragonian Enforcer, Dragonian Lieutenant, Female Mohkva, Freebooter of Urkuk, Freelancing Soldier of Hedgenton, Mascarellian Defender of Honor, Mascarellian Standard Bearer, and Mascarellian Men at Arms.


These humans are vicious spell casters and masters of magic. They are great in a battle against you because they can conjure and they are great at elemental damage. There are those that are human that are thieves and thugs. So keep a watch out for those that are in that class, and fight them accordingly.

There are 12 types of humans: Brigand, Cutthroat, Dragonian Spell Weaver, Evil Magician, Outlaw, Robber, Slavecatcher, Sakkara Priest, Sorcerer of the River, Temptress, Thief, and Witchlord of Surukani.


Monsters are those that are unnatural in size or shape. They can be cave inhabitants and reach incredible sizes in comparison to other enemies you’ll encounter. Make sure you are ready for them when it comes times for that battle. They are also very fast in comparison to the size, they are not encumbered by it at all.

There are 52 types of Monsters: Cave Fish, Cerebropod, Children of the Forest God, Fire Harpy, Fire Troll, Forest Spider, Forest Gargoyle, Frazzler, Frost Giant, Glorb, Harpy, Hatchet Crab, Hatchet Crab Hunter, Giant Wreathed Choker, Giant Insect Larva, Belligerent Forest Spider, Blood Harpy, Black Harpy of Shaddar-Nur, Bronze Glorb, Carnivorous Flower, Giant Armored Louse, Giant Frazzler, Hell Golem, Hell Golem Warrior, Hornet Drone, Hornet Hunter, Hornet Queen, Lashing Terror Worker, Lesser Fire Demon, Lesser Gargoyle, Magic Leech Cerebropod, Minor Mire Worm, Minotaur, Minotaur Chief, Mire Worm, Poisonous Troll, Scorpion, Skull Ripper, Power Leech Cerebropod, Skull Ripper Champion, Small Armored Louse, Titanic Fly, Tarantula Noxtralis, Tarantula Nortis, Tarantula Medialis, Tarantula Gravis, Spiderling, Small Lashing Terror, Small Insect Larva, Untamed Blooded Terror, Wreathed Choker, and Water Gargoyle.

Small Dragons

Small dragons, or dracoids, are those that are classified as wyvern, fire lizards, and raptors. They are cold blooded reptiles and are not of any origin to the real dragons that are from the blood fragments similar to the Seraphim. These are going to have elemental damage depending on what type of lizard or wyvern they are.

There are 9 types of dragons: Fire lizard, Flaming Wyvern, Flying lizard, Gator Mortis, Ice lizard, Raptor Carnis, Sand lizard, Wyvern, and Winged Varanidae.


These are ghouls and zombies that are decomposing as they fight with you. They are predators and may hunt you down to battle. They may be slow but they are quite mighty. Be prepared for battle when you are going up against an undead, and don’t take their rotting flesh as a sign of weakness.

There are 25 types of Undead: Lich, Mummy, Zombie, Warrior of Doom, Ghoul, Headless Dead, Devil of the Sands, Desert Mummy, Animated Conjurer, Ancarian Troll, Restless Defiler, Restless Pirate, Nuk-Nuk Chieftain, Nuk-Nuk Magician, Nuk-Nuk Warror, Mummified Death, Khorad-Nur’Him (a raptor mount), Skeleton, Skeletal Defiler, A Riding Shaddar’Rim Raptor, a NonRiding Shaddar’Rim Raptor, Skeleton Mage, Skeletal Pirate, Undead Pirate, and Unsettled Pirate.


These uniques are the big bosses that you are going to fight. Those champions that aren’t random fauna that roams around the country waiting to do battle. Most of these uniques will leave the map once vanquished and not resurface, as opposed to regular monsters that will respawn in a given time frame.

There are 25 Uniques: Anducar, Antarius, Ballock, Captain Pigface, Cristiane Clarenbach, Crackseed, DaGirl, Dibbit, Grizzly, Halenthal, Krank, Inquisitor Murodrick, Raisor, Razor, Savior 82, Sdraken, Shaddar, SirMarkus of Endlich, Striker, Urgalook, Lady Katana of Porto Draco, Lord Guido of Porto Draco, Llama8, Lexchicky, and Mozgy.


As you can see there are several types of enemies that you will come across in Sacred: Underworld. These are just the categories, of which there are several different types of creature in the category. This was written to give a better understanding of foes in Sacred: Underworld.

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