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Item Modifiers in Sacred Underworld (PT.1)

by: M.S. Smith ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Wondering what item modifiers are going to be floating around, just waiting to help you upon finding that item? These are the first half of the 36 item modifiers that Sacred: Underworld has.

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    There are 36 different types of item modifiers in the game of Sacred Underworld. Knowing what is out there available to be found can help you construct the perfect character to play. This guide will give an overview of each of the 36 different types so that you know what all of them do.

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    Item Modifiers

    Far Sight – These all are labeled “Far Sight +__" and there is a number that will tell you how much Far Sight is enhanced.

    Find Additional Potions – These are labeled “Find additional potions +__%" with the percentage being the additional chance you have of finding a potion.

    For Attack/Defense – These modifiers are labeled “For attack and defense +__% with the percentage being how much extra defense and attack power you will have.

    Increased Light Radius – Labeled as “Increased Light Radius +__" this makes your light radius increased the amount given.

    Increase All Damage Types – This is labeled “Increase all damage types __%" and it will increase all of your damage types the percentage that it gives.

    Regeneration Spells – This modifier is labeled “Regeneration Spells +__%" and it ups all of your regeneration spells by the percentage given.

    Resist Stun – Labeled as “Resist stun +__" it will up your resistance to any stun effects by the number given.

    Percent to all Resistances – Labeled as “Percent to all resistances +__%" and it increases all of your resistances no matter what they are by the percentage that is given.

    Speed – Labeled “Speed +__" this adds a set amount to your speed. It is not a percentage.

    Shock Opponent – “Shock Opponent +__" is how this is labeled and it will add to your chance to shock your opponent by a set amount.

    Regeneration Special Move – This is labeled “Regeneration Special Move +__%" and it will give a percentage increase to your special move regeneration number.

    Spell Resistance – This is labeled “Spell Resistance +__" and it will add a set amount to your spell resistance.

    Split – Labeled as “Split __%" it will increase your chance for monsters to split in half when you hit them.

    To all combat Arts – This is labeled as “To all combat arts +__" and it raises by a set number your combat arts skills.

    To all magic Spells – This is labeled as “To all magic spells +__" and it raises by a set number your magic spells.

    To all Skills – Labeled as “To all Skills +__" this will increase all of your selected skills by the amount that is stated.

    To (Skill) – Labeled as “To (Skill) +__" this will increase a specific skill by a selected number.

    To (Attribute) – Labeled as “To (Attribute) +__" this will increase a specific attribute by a set amount.

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    As you can see by the first half of all the item modifiers, there is quite a range of difference between them. Some give a percentage boost that will be less in the lower levels but so much more in the higher levels. Some give just a static number, which could be better for a lower level, but not as good for a higher one. Make your own decisions and choices, and good luck in the game.

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