Sacred Underworld's Bestiary - Part One

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As you are strolling through Sacred Underworld’s Ancaria, you’ll want to know what enemies you may run across. There are basically a set few classes of enemies in the game. These are Animals, Demons, Dragons, Small Dragons, Dryads, Elves, Ghosts, Goblins, Hirelings, Humans, Monsters, Undead and Unique. This article will look at Animals, Demons, Dragons, Dryads, Elves, Ghosts, and Goblins.


Most of the animals in the game are of the deer, bear, or wolf variety but there is a difference in types. For example, you won’t come across a wolf. It will be a rabid wolf, a forest wolf, or the like. Most of the animals are not very aggressive and you will find these at the bottom of the enemy chain list.

There are 16 types of animals: Adder, Black Bear, Brown Bear, Blood Bear, DeMordeyan Battle Wargh, Desert Wolf, Grey Wolf, Ice Wolf, Silver Wolf, Magical Bear Lord, Magical Wargh of Zhurag-Nur, Poisonout Wargh of Zhurag-Nur, Silver Boar, Silver Bear, Tusker, and Wargh of Zhurag-Nur.


Demons are those that do not typically come from this plane of existence. They are on all four of the elemental levels, but fire elemental damage seems to be a favourite. There isn’t much known about the demons, and you are going to have to be skillful to take them down. They will show their weakness, and you’ll need to be ready to use that to your advantage.

There are 20 types of demons: Bolting Terror, Bolting Terror Magician, Burning Araneida, Champion Shadow Guard, Elite Shadow Guard, Fervent Shadow Guard, Giant Burning Araneida, Glorb Hunter, Golden Glorb Hunter, Infernal Shadow Guard, Iron Shadow Guard, Mighty Shadow Guard, Sakkara Demon, Shadow Guard, Shadow Guard Mage, Subkari Ceriri, Subkari Fingoniel, Subkari Ninocaur, Subkari Sskrak, and Subservient Fire Demon of the Outer Rim.


Dragons are rough creatures. They breathe fire to you and they are masters of the close combat with their claws. You will have to find a way to balance the fine line between ranged attacks and those of close combat to take a Dragon down in Sacred. Load up on potions and have plenty of fire resistance.

There are 9 dragons: Acutami of the Swamps, D’Cay-Lady of the Orcus, Draconis Mortis, Frosted Death & Winter’s Rigor, Lorinor, Loromir, Sirithcam, Sisslith, and Sssiliths.


The Dryads are a race that have a nice mix of magic and melee attacks. They are able to cast tendrils and plant cage just as likely as water form. There is only one element they fear and that is fire (they have no resistance to that). You will find them able to do blade arrows and multishot in multiplayer mode, or you’ll see them summoning Will o’the Wisps. These are creatures that you are going to have to take down using fire, good defense, and a mindful eye.

There are six types of Dryads: Dryad, Dryad Druid, Dryad Fury, Dryad Huntress, Dyad Scout, and Stygian Elder.


Dark Elves are effective enemies. The males deflect magic and reverts it back to you, while the female uses magic as an offensive weapon. Males use more poison on you to battle. So when you fight these, remember the magic and poison resistance for a longer lifespan.

There are 11 types of Elves: Captain of the Ice Elves, Ice Elf, Elendiar of the Dark Elves, Morgwath of the Dark Elves, Priestess of the Ice Elves, Shaliar of the Dark Elves, Dark Elven Priestess, (caster) Dark Elven Zhuma, (unarmed) Dark Elven Zhur’Urkahi, (Bow) Dark Elven Zhur’Urkahi, and (Blade) Dark Elven Zhur’Urkahi.


Ghosts, or Energy Beings, are the transparent enemies that you will come across. Lost souls that haven’t found a way home, perhaps they can find a peace once they are slain. These are a good battle, depending on what level you are on. Keep in mind there ghosts are not going to be able to have some types of defense to different spells. Find a weakness, and hold on to it.

There are 7 types of ghosts: Fading Spirit, Ghost, Life-leecher of the Orcus, Lost Soul, Orcish Ghost Warrior, Spectre, and Tormented Soul


Goblins are also orcs and ogres. There is also a rare imp that is part of this family. These are the ones that are typically sorcerers familiar in the game. They may be found surrounding other enemies you will need to battle as a light resistance to get to the main mob boss.

There are 13 types of Goblins: Frost Goblin, Goblin Champion, Goblin Shaman, Goblin Warrior, Kiwinazgul, Ogre Chieftain, Ogre Warrior, Orc Hunter, Orc Chieftain, Orc Shaman, Orc Warrior, Orcish Breeder, and Wizard of the Frost Goblins.


Just in the first half of this article on enemies you will come across in the game of Sacred and Sacred Underworld, you can see how diversified the bestiary is. Even though it’s categorized in not too many sections, the amount of animals in the section is vast. Happy gaming out there!

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