Potions Guide to Sacred: Underworld

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There are five types of potions that you are able to get in Sacred Underworld. You can drink these in more than one way; you can hit a hotkey, you can click on it while it is in your pack to drink, or you can click on the image of the corresponding potion in your control panel. The control panel is the arc that is in the central quest indicator arrow. There are also five different colors for the potions, so you know what it is by site and nothing else. All potions, except for the Mentor Potion, can be bought from a vendor.

Healing Potion

You won’t be able to drink a healing potion if you aren’t hurt, even if your mount needs to be healed. Keep this in mind if you are trying to do that. Healing potions are red and they are used, obviously to regenerate health. The corresponding hotkey for healing potions is the spacebar. Healing potions come in various sizes and will restore all or part of your life, or hitpoints. They also will range depending on your game difficulty level as well.

Potions of Concentration

Concentration potions are yellow and they will regenerate combos. The hotkey that is assigned to them is the letter “R”. These potions will instantly reset the timers on combos. You will not have to wait for them to regenerate as long as you have a stash of potions of concentration. This is really handy if you rely on combo shots to get through a battle.

Potions of Viper’s Antidote

Potions of Viper’s Antidote are green in color. They are assigned the hotkey of “E” and are used to counteract poison. If you are poisoned in the game, you have damage that is done over time. Drinking one of these potions negates the poison and counteracts the effect of it.

Potions of Undead Death

These potions are purple in color and have a bit of difference depending on whether you are playing a single player or a multiplayer game. In single player, it will make sure that those undead will not respawn and increase the damage that you do to the undead. In multiplayer, it will increase the damage that you give to the undead. This potion has the hotkey “Q” assigned for quick use to drink.

Mentor Potions

These potions are blue, they are assigned the hotkey “W” to use to drink, and they will make you have a yellow glow for the time that they are active. This glow signifies that you are getting 50% more experience while it is active. The bigger potions do not make this percentage higher, but it will make the effect last longer. This is the potion that you cannot buy at a vendor.


This is a good way to know what potions are what, and exactly the effects that you will get off of them. Knowing how to help yourself in battle is always a good thing. Remember to stock up on these before any major attack.

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