Guide to Mounts in the Sacred/Sacred Underworld MMO Game

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In the game, Riding is a skill that you are going to need. There are so many benefits to having a mount in the game, yet so many questions that come with it. You can get one through a horse dealer, or there are some that you can get as you go through Ancaria without having to go to a dealer. This article will explore all about the horses and what they mean to you.

Mount Attack

Having a mount decreases your attack rating when you’re riding it (in the beginning) by 1/3. After you get to a riding skill of around 32 you will just as good on attacks as you’d be without a mount. Finally, after 33 in riding skill you will start to gain to your attack rating by being on the horse rather than on your own. Keep that in mind when you start to ride and go into battles.

Mount Speed

If you are topped out on speed, without a mount, you are going to be at 220. There are those horses that will have extra added to their speed of 220. You can add saddles and things that will increase this speed. There are all types of speed in the different horses, some are just not as fast as others, but it’s great to be able to speed past a monster mob instead of fighting your way through it.

Mount Hitpoints

Mounts in Sacred Underworld will share your hitpoints. There is a percentage that every horse has, the higher this percentage is the greater the addition to hitpoints is. If they die, you’ll die. Drinking health potions while on the mount will help you and it will help your horse heal as well. Another healing method is to go to the horse trader and click “heal” instead of “sell”. The skill of Constitution will add hitpoints to the mount bonus and help build up the reserve for a longer life. When you respawn from death (assuming you aren’t in HARDCORE), your horse doesn’t respawn with you. You’ll need to get a new one at the dealer or through the world.

Mount Bonuses to Characters

There are some bonuses that mounts will give to certain characters. Seraphims, for example, are able to get benefits to all three of their attacks. They get a boost to melee, magic and ranged. Most classes get a buff to at least one, but Seraphims will benefit to all three. Battle Mages are going to be able to run around and fire off spells, a nice trick that is helped with the skills of a horse to keep you out of the brunt of the battle.

Types and Colors Of Mounts

Mounts come in the following colors: Brown, Chestnut, Liver Chestnut, Gray, Roan, Skewbald (A brown and white), Undead (near skinless), and White. There is also one black horse, an Orcish Warhorse.

The types of mounts are: Light Hag, Normal Hag, Heavy Hag, Orcish Warhorse, Light Riding Horse, Normal Riding Horse, Heavy Riding Horse, Light Warhorse, Normal Warhorse, and Heavy Warhorse. These are in a general range of good to better horses. Keep in mind that you can hover over a horse so that you can see what bonuses it will have for you; speed, protection, or hitpoints.


You are going to be able to do slight improvement to your mount by buying a saddle or brindle. It can only wear one at a time. These will add a bit of protection and there is usually some sort of buff that will also be added. To use saddles just right click the one that you want the mount to wear when it’s in your inventory. To swap saddles, right click the one that you want the horse to wear that he isn’t wearing, or to take a saddle off without swapping it, just right click while holding Control.


As you can see there are many perks to having a mount in the game. There are some things that aren’t as good in the beginning, but after boosting your riding skill you will end up gaining buffs instead of the beginning loss. Happy game play!

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