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Dragons in Sacred

by: M.S. Smith ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

We aren't talking those fire lizards or wyvern, we are talking fire breathing meteor throwing mega monsters that you will have to battle. Dragons in Sacred: Underground are fearsome creatures. Here's how to make them less fearsome.

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    When people say Dragons in Sacred: Underworld, they aren’t talking about the small dragons (the fire lizards, wyvern, etc). They are talking about the huge and powerful dragons that walk the land. The ones that breathe hellfire to scorch and summons boulders to fall from the sky at will.

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    The Dragons

    There are nine dragons: Acutami of the Swamps, D’Cay: Lady of the Orcus, Draconis Mortis, Frosted Death & Winter’s Rigor, Lorinor, Loromir, Sirithcam, Sssiliths, and Sisslith. All are fire breathers and some have more skills. D’Cay is an undead dragon, Winter’s Rigor and Frosted Death are frost/ice dragons, and Sssiliths is a Swamp dragon. Keep this in mind to prepare yourself for their battle.

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    Dragons and Potions

    Whenever you are going to go out dragon hunting it is a good idea to keep a good stock of potions. Potions in Sacred are good boost in battles, especially the Mentor potions that will give you the extra 50% experience for the death of a dragon. Some dragons may do a poison damage, so be sure to bring an antidote potion, and plenty of health ones. You will need a wide variety and a good supply so that you can spam them at will while you are in the trenches of battle.

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    Elemental Vulnerability of Dragons

    Dragons are vulnerable to certain types of elemental damage as well as dealing certain types of damage, knowing what the dragon that lies ahead has up his sleeve and what you can do to combat it will help you in battle.

    • D’Cay – This dragon is very weak to fire damage and vulnerable to Magic. It deals out Poison and Physical damage.
    • Draconis Mortis – This dragon is vulnerable to Poison and Magic. It deals out Physical damage.
    • Frosted Death & Winter’s Rigor – These dragons are vulnerable to Poison and Fire. They deal out Magic and Physical damage to you.
    • Acutami of the Swamps – This dragon is vulnerable to Fire and to Magic. It deals out Physical and Poison damage.
    • Lorinor – This dragon is vulnerable to Magic and Poison. It deals out Fire and Physical damage.
    • Sisslith – This dragon is vulnerable to Poison and Fire. It deals out Magic and Physical damage.
    • Sssiliths – This dragon is vulnerable to Fire and to Magic. It deals out Physical and Poison damage.
    • Sirithcam – This dragon is vulnerable to Physical and Magic, and is very weak to Poison. It deals out Fire and Physical damage.
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    Tricks of Battle

    • Speed is your best friend, you must have some good movement so that you don’t get pinned down easily by the dragon. Get as many speed modifiers as you can.
    • Move. Move in a circle to try to stay ahead of him as you fire your weaponry at him. It will keep the dragon out of the close combat mode and he’ll be settling for a ranged attack.
    • Use ranged attacks to take out the minions that surround the dragon. Don’t try to take everyone on at once. Pick them off one at a time and leave the dragon for last.
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    Loot Certain Dragons

    Lorinor and Sirithcam guard stacks of treasure that are suppose to be cursed. Once you slay the dragon however you can loot the box. Try to cast Greed on you before the death so that your chance of a fabulous drop will go up. These treasure boxes will typically have gold and a drop item that will be worth something to someone. When you are really good at dragon slaying these are the monsters that will pay you well for the kill.

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    Keep moving, avoid being stunned, and fire whatever attack that the dragon is most vulnerable to and you'll have a good chance of defeating this beast. Good luck and happy gaming!