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Item Modifiers in Sacred Underworld (PT.2)

by: M.S. Smith ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Still wondering what is left in item modifying? In Sacred: Underworld, these are the other half of the item modifiers that are left to look over.

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    Out of the 36 different types of item modifiers we’ve gone over half of them already in Part one. This second half will look at the other 18 and let you see what is out there in the world of Sacred: Underworld and what type of items you will be able to configure to your player.

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    Item Modifiers

    Attack Speed – This is labeled “Attack Speed +__" it will increase your attack speed by the number given.

    Banish Undead – This is labeled as “Banish Undead +__" and it makes skeletons not resurrect in a campaign less often the higher the number.

    Chance for open Wounds – Labeled as “Chance for Open Wounds +__%" and it will raise your chance to make an open wound go up by the percentage given.

    Chance of Finding Special Items – This is labeled as “Chance of Finding Special Items +__" and it increases the chance of higher quality drops.

    Chance to Gain Gold by Hitting Opponent – Labeled as “Chance to Gain Gold by Hitting Opponent +__" and it increases the chance to get an enemy to drop gold upon striking.

    Chance to Land a Critical Hit – Labeled as “Chance to Land a Critical Hit __" where it will increase your ability to land a critical strike against your foe.

    Chance to Trap Flying Opponents – This is labeled “Chance to Trap Flying Opponents +__%" And it will give a percentage boost that striking an enemy will bind them to the ground.

    Damage received Reduces Gold, Saving Health – This is labeled “Damage received Reduces Gold, Saving Health __%" and it will give each hit a chance to all the taken damage take from your gold and not your health.

    Defense; VS. Ranged fighters __% to Defense – This is labeled “Defense; VS. Ranged fighters __% to Defense" and it will increase the defense value against ranged attacks by a percentage.

    Each hit Drains own Life energy – This is labeled “Each hit drains own life energy __%" and it is where your hits to foes take a little from your life.

    Each hit Draws Life from Opponent – This is labeled “Each hit draws life from opponent __%" and gives a fixed amount of the damage that you give to your foes back to your life. It is Life Leech.

    Enemies Die on Sight – This you’ll see as “Enemies die on Sight __%" where the percentage increases the chance that enemies at a certain or lower level will die when in range.

    Experience Gained from Monsters – Labeled “Experience gained from Monsters +__%" and it will increase experience gained from combat by the percentage. It’s like Mentor potion but with no time limit. It will stack with Mentor potion as well.

    Extended Day – Labeled as “Extended Day +__%" and it will lengthen the day time but not shorten the night time. Good for those that do daytime killing.

    Extended Night – Labeled as “Extended Night +__%" and it will lengthen the night time but not shorten the day time. Good for those that do nighttime killing (like Vampiress).

    Vs. (Race) Increases all damage types +__% - Labeled as “Vs. (Race) Increases all damage types +__%" it will increase the damage that goes to a certain race of creatures/foes/enemies.

    Vs. (Race) Weapon Damage (type) +__%(Attribute) – Labeled like “Vs. (Race) Weapon Damage (type) +__%(Attribute)" it will raise a percentage of character attribute to a certain elemental type. It will tell you the race of monster it is good for, the type of damage , and the attribute raised.

    Wounds Increase Damage Dealt – Labeled “Wounds Increase Damage Dealt +__%" it will increase the damage you deal when you are wounded.

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    Now that you’ve seen all of the item modifiers in the game, you’ll have a better understanding to what is possible with your character. May you find precisely the combination of items that you are looking for and happy gaming!