Sacred: Underworld – Guide to the Characters of Gladiator, Seraphim, and Vampiress

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Having been hailed as the closes to Diablo 2 aside from Titan Quest, Sacred and Sacred Underworld sold 1.8 million and is still played in great numbers today. There are six characters in Sacred and its expansion, Underworld, brought with it two more. Much like World of Warcraft, the starting character will start out in its own section of the world. It also has its own starting quest. This article will look into the characters of the Gladiator, Vampiress, and the Seraphim in Sacred and Sacred Underworld.

The Gladiator

All about strength and fighting ability, this class is very similar to D2’s Barbarian class. You will have tons of close combat here.

Attributes: 33 Strength, 19 Endurance, 20 Dexterity, 25 Physical Regeneration, 0 Mental Regeneration, and 11 Charisma.

Skills: The Gladiator starts with Concentration and Weapon Lore. At level 3 there is Dual Wielding, Agility, Unarmed Combat, Axe Lore, Sword Lore, Armor, Constitution, and Ranged Combat. At level 6, Riding. Level 12, Disarming. Level 20, Long handled Weapons. Level 30, Parrying. Level 50, Trading.

Combat Moves:

  • Attack – Combo moves of fist, elbow, and knee attacks to the foe.
  • Awe – An aura that comes from the heavens and makes foes thrown back in awe.
  • Back Breaker – Enemy is thrown to ground, dazed and hurt.
  • Dagger Stare – A stare that turns into spikes, foes that get too close are hurt.
  • Fist of the Gods – A powerful hit to one target foe.
  • Combat Kick – A kick to knock backward and with more damage.
  • Hard Hit – Gives a singular very hard blow to target.
  • Multi-Hit – A weapon swing circles and hits all foes in path.
  • Heroic Courage – Fists clench, and an aura increases combative nature.
  • Stomping Jump – A jump that stuns foes and target takes wide damage.
  • Throwing Blades – Where Gladiator throws one or both weapons for more damage to foe.


This angel like character has many blessings and light enchanted spells at their disposal. An ethereal feel gives this character many fans.

Attributes: 22 Strength, 19 Endurance, 25 Dexterity, 22 Physical Regeneration, 22 Mental Regeneration, and 17 Charisma.

Skills: The Seraphim starts with Magic Lore and Weapon Lore. At level 3 you get Parrying, Heavenly Magic, Meditation, Riding, Sword Lore, Concentration, Constitution, and Long handled weapons. Level 6 brings Dual Wielding. At level 12, Armor. Level 20, Ranged Combat. Level 30, Agility. Level 50, Trading.

Combat Moves:

  • BeeEffGee – A magical energy weapon that fires bolts of energy to target.
  • Attack – Rapid blows and lunges that moves from foe to foe after target death.
  • Combat Jump – A jump attack that is fierce.
  • Combat Kick – A kick with additional damage.
  • Hard Hit – A severely damaging hit.
  • Multi-Hit – Circle attack that hits many foes.
  • Hunter-seeker – Weapon is thrown in a circle, hitting for damage.
  • Whirling Hit – You rotate, damaging at every turn.
  • Celestial Light – A column of light that damages those in its radius.
  • Light – Damages undead with light
  • Irritation – A stunning bolt of light.
  • Energy Bolts – Firing glowing bolts of energy to the target.
  • Conversion – One of the foes becomes a fight companion to the Seraphim.
  • Strength of Faith – Boosts attack rating of the Seraphim or the companion.
  • Rotating Blades of Light – A wall of protective blades, damages and protects.
  • Light Shield – A shield that deflects against projectiles that aren’t magic.
  • Lightning Bolt – A bolt of lightning that damages foes.


A knight that turns into a vampire, a master of darkness and ways of the dead. This character can be a great player.

Attributes: 26 Strength, 22 Endurance, 21 Dexterity, 22 Physical Regeneration, 0 Mental Regeneration, and 21 Charisma.

Skills: A Vampiress will start off with Weapon Lore and Vampirism. At level 3 they get Bloodlust, Parrying, Armor, Sword Lore, Axe Lore, Concentration, Constitution, and Disarming. At level 6, Riding. At level 12, Agility. At level 20, Long handled Weapons. At level 30, Trading. At level 50, Ranged Combat.

Combat Moves:

  • Claws of Death – As a knight, a heavy weapon blow. As a Vampire, a claw blow.
  • Mind Control – As a knight and Vampire, stun and paralyze foes.
  • Combat Kick – As a knight, a hard flying kick. As a Vampire, increased melee damage.
  • Time Control – As a knight and Vampire, rapid straight line movement.
  • Ripping Claws – As a knight, a fast attack. As a Vampire, a fast claw attack.
  • Vampire Transformation – As a knight, become Vampire. As a Vampire, become knight.
  • Awaken Dead – You can make a body into an ally vampire.
  • Wolf Call – As a knight or Vampire, a vampire wolf companion appears.
  • Whirling Claws – As a knight, a multi hit weapon attack for foes in range. As a Vampire, a whirling melee claw attack for foes in range.
  • Bats: Blood Swarm – Battle bats appear swarming foes.
  • Bats: Confusion – Bats appear to confuse and distract.
  • Bats: Guard – Bats that catch projectiles and absorb spells.
  • Master Bite – Makes foe your servant to fight in battle.
  • Claw Jump – A damaging jump that also dazes.
  • Blood Kiss – This kiss hits foes in range for severe damage.
  • Blood Bite – Suck life from foe to yourself


Now that you know about three more of the character classes in Sacred and Sacred Underworld, it’s up to you to choose your favourite and start up a game. Old fans reunite, and new ones welcome!

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