Sacred 2: Fallen Angel - Will You Follow The Light Or Dwell In The Dark?

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel - Will You Follow The Light Or Dwell In The Dark?
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The Plot of The Game (4 out of 5)

Now a lot of people seem to think that a plot is a secondary element of a video game, but to be honest in this reviewer’s mind, plot is one of the big differentiators between the titles.

In Fallen Angel 2 you are taken to the world of Ancaria. In Ancaria, T-energy reigns supreme as the source of all life and all magical ability in the land, and as you have guessed it is a bit of a hot commodity that everybody wants. When it was given to the race of the High Elves by the Seraphim, it made them the rulers. The elves however seem to have a problem with unity, and the nobility and clergy are both fighting for control of each other’s resources. Of course, the other races (see below) are taking as much advantage of the situation as they can to get some T-energy for themselves.

Who You are Playing As

Who are you in all of this?

Well that is largely a matter of the choices that you make with your character selections. You have a lot of choices that will impact both what you do and how easy it is for you to get the job done.

Your first choice is either going to be a very simple one or a very hard one. You have to decide if you are going to be a good guy or a bad guy. Just like in the game Fable, what you choose will effect the missions that you are given, so make the decision now if you would rather invade villages or fend off the attackers.

Your next major choice is what race you want to be. In this case you have not 2 choices but 6 of them. Each one comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Your choices of races include:

* Seraphim - The mythical race of old mentioned above. If you are a Seraphim, you have no choice but to follow the path of light.

* Shadow Warrior - If you choose this one, you are a valiant warrior who has been brought back to life against your will.

* High Elf - As one of the current dominate race, you will automatically become a student of magic if you pick this path, so avoid it if you tend to take more of a hack and slash approach to these games.

* Dryad - These are your archers and they can also use magic, but they are not as adept at it as the high elves.

* Temple Guardian - The only way I can describe this is being like a rabid dog. They are really good with all things technological however.

* Inquisitor - These are the bad of the bad, and you can not be a good guy if you choose it.

Further customization comes from your choice of mount, weapons and the allocation of your stat points.

Multiplayer Mode (5 out of 5)

The PC version does have the ability to let you play with your friends. The multiplayer in this game is interesting because it allows you to leave your one player campaign, join up with your friend’s game in multiplayer, and return to their single player campaign exactly where you left off while retaining any levels and items that they received while in their friend’s multiplayer game. So if you find that things are a bit to hard, you can go to your buddies, level up and then come back. For the PC version you can have up to 16 players on the multiplayer game.

System Requirements (2 out of 5)

2,4 GHz Processor,

1 GB RAM, 20 GB HDD,

256 MB Graphic Card

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