Allods Online Heroics Guide For Beginners

Allods Online Heroics Guide For Beginners
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So You Want To Be A Hero?

You’ve reached level 38 and the NPC hero at Nezebgrad/Novograd has opened up some new quests for you to partake in. Take note, though, these aren’t just any kind of new quests…the level 38 Heroic missions that the NPCs offer are no walk in the park and will require the most fervent tactics from a full team of moderately geared players in order to complete.

In Allods Online, Heroics is a term used to basically signify that all the instances in the game that you encountered on your way to level 40 will have to be redone but harder. If you need help in understanding how to play Heroics or what the roles are of each class then keep reading this Allods Online Heroics guide to learn all the essentials.

How Hard Are Heroic Instances?

Going in under-geared will result in a wipe

All the Heroic versions of the instances in Allods are designed to give even the most well-geared players a tough time. It’s more about team tactics and working together than any single player running in like Rambo and trying to be heroic. Also, every instance is setup exactly the same as they were from lower levels, the only difference is that all the mobs have been replaced with level 40 elites or higher.

The mission objectives are usually basic tag-and-bag quests and simply require the team to get to the very end of a Heroic run and defeat the main boss. It may sound simple but it’s quite difficult due to the strategies involved and the timing that the entire party must exercise in order to complete the instances effectively.

To enter a Heroic mission, simply talk to the NPC that gives out the mission in Nezebgrad or Novograd, and then grab the quest. Talk to him once more to have him teleport you to the selected Heroic instance.

Knowing Your Role

Tanks must tank and DPS needs to watch the tank’s back

Before doing a Heroic run, there’s an extremely important thing every player in the group needs to know: their role. Like the former pro-wrestler The Rock used to say, “Know your role”. That slogan couldn’t apply more aptly in the case of Heroics in Allods Online. Unlike a lot of other instances in other MMO games, every archetype has to do their job effectively otherwise the entire team will wipe and it will end up taking forever to get even something as simple as Heroic Oreshek done.

So how do you know what your role is in Heroics if you haven’t done it before? No worries, each class fits into a category and you’ll need at least one of each to get the basics of Heroics done.

The Archetype Roles For Heroics: Tanks

Prepping for an onslaught

In Allods the Tank is the one who calls the shots in Heroics because they’re like the Quarterback of the team as they lay out who does what and who draws first. The role of the Tank is designated (usually) to either a Warrior or a Paladin. As a Warrior Tank you’ll need to ensure that your skills focus on defensive measures as well as having lots of Stamina and Endurance. As a Pally, it’s essential to be able to self-heal and have your barriers maxed out. On rare occasions Melee Healers have been known to tank using the proper gear and talents, however, it’s not advised for beginner groups to rely on a Melee Healer for tanking. A full Tank should not have items equipped for DPS at all. Instead, the Tank should have the sword-and-board combo for maximum defensive measures.

The Archetype Roles For Heroics: Healers

Being well-geared and playing well are two different things

There are no excuses for this one…the Tank cannot Tank without a FULL healer. This means that the Healer has to be a Cleric and fully specified for full support heals. Oftentimes, a Summoner, Warden or Paladin will join the party to offer off-heals or secondary support-heals. Take note that the Healer will draw a lot of aggro healing the Tank, so it’s important for the Tank to keep pulling the aggression from the mobs, otherwise the Healer will get wiped and if the Healer dies the Tank dies and if the Tank dies the party wipes. So Healers need to beware of only healing the Tank only when they absolutely need it.

The Archetype Roles For Heroics: Crowd Control (CC)

Icy Grave working its magic

Next to the Tank and Healer, the crowd-controllers are vital for successfully completing a Heroic run. CC is oftentimes designated to either a Mage or a PSI. Usually a team takes two CC (a Mage and PSI or two of each). Mages will be required to use Icy Grave very often and it must be maxed out in order for the Mage to CC effectively. Firewall is another essential skill for Mages to max out because there will be times when additional mobs may appear and the Mage will be required to keep them at bay until the Tank can draw the mob’s aggression.

Alternatively, a PSI can also work very well for CC, especially using hypnosis to keep multiple mobs at bay without drawing any aggro. It’s important for a Tank to designate who the Mage/PSI should keep stunned because the Tank will be the one taking all the damage from the active mob. Listening to the Tank and working in coordination with the team’s strengths – and making up for their weaknesses – is another vital aspect that the crowd-controllers will need to keep in mind.

The Archetype Roles For Heroics: Damage Per Second (DPS)

Scout ready to DPS

Just about any class can work as support for DPS. The main classes listed above are absolutely necessary for all Heroic runs, with the occasional requirement of a Summoner for kiting. However, Summoners are more-so for advanced Heroic runs and requires timing and a fair amount of skill on the end of the player to make effective use of the Summoner’s capabilities…especially for kiting. But for dealing any sort of damage a team can pick up any class that focuses on DPS. A Melee Healer is probably the prime candidate for support DPS, as they can dish out massive amounts of damage in a short period of time. Alternatively, a Warrior or a Paladin can also work well as damage-dealers.

One thing to keep in mind is that any player who joins a Heroic group as DPS should also be relegated to helping keep the aggro off other essential classes. If a Healer takes too much aggression then the DPS should pop a Red Rag or a Combustion Climax to help draw the mob away. Alternatively, DPS support should use an off-CC skill (such as flame wall, flash bomb or caltrops) to disrupt the mob from attacking the Healer. Each player should also go in equipped with Combustion Climax, which works as the same as the skill Fear; enemies will run around in terror for 5-7 seconds, which is a great way to dissipate aggression from a player who shouldn’t have it.

Final Tips For Newbie Heroes

A group photo after a successful Heroic run

As mentioned, the Tank is the one that should take charge in a Heroic instance. They’ll be the ones taking all the damage and holding all the aggression. Before heading into any mob it’s important to have the Tank designate who should be CC’d and who they will be aggro’ing. As stated before, all DPS support members should focus on whoever the Tank is fighting or otherwise stay alert and watch the Healer in case they need help from accidentally drawing aggro from a mob due to healing too early or too often.

Just like with anything, successful Heroic runs take a lot of practice and tons of teamwork. The more heroic runs a team does together the better they’ll get…eventually.

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