Allods Online June Catacombs

Allods Online June Catacombs
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A Maze For All Seasons

As Astrum Nival continues to pour in content for Allods Online, new and exciting zones are continually added to the game, expanding both the game’s lore, PvP elements and even the way players travel around the game world. One of the newest zones added to the game is called the June Catacombs. It was accompanied by other additions to the game such as the Arena of Death and the Melting Isle. All three of these new zones are entirely geared around player strife and PvP. Hence, these zones are labeled as player-contested zones and it means that it’s highly unlikely you’ll get through them without losing a few charms, some myrrh and probably a lot of gold. Hence, this Allods Online June Catacombs guide will help newbies get started with traversing the maze-like zone.

What Is The June Catacombs?

New mounts in the new update

Entrance to the Catacombs

Most people who have yet to reach level 40 will have no idea what the June Catacombs are. The reason for that is because it’s not the easiest place in the world to find or to get into…unless, of course you’re using a cash shop ticket which you can purchase for a few cents to the dollar. Nevertheless, the Catacombs zone is one giant maze that has multiple entries, multiple exits and three different layers on four different floors. It only opens once a day at 7:00pm PST/10:00pm EST and stays open for only a few hours.

There are three different layers, as mentioned, that includes the outer layer which is quite confusing but easy to traverse. The inner layer has fewer twists, turns and multiple routes but it’s littered with more difficult mobs. The very inner layer is the most difficult and despite being more linear it will challenge even the most geared players.

The highlight of the June Catacombs is that it’s a gold mine for loot. Lots of green and blue items and weapons drop within the catacombs from just farming mobs, and players who play their card right can come out with a hefty load of vendor-worthy loot. Keep in mind, though, it’s a free-for-all PvP zone and players from the same faction can kill you as well as players from the opposing faction.

Getting Into The June Catacombs

June Mech

As mentioned, there are two ways into the Catacombs: the first being the cash shop teleportation stone that will instantly put you into the Catacombs when it opens. The second route is a little more difficult but definitely more cost effective.

In order to access the Catacombs the normal way you’ll need to have access to Gipat and you’ll need to have completed all the Signs of the Chosen quests and unlocked the teleportation stone that takes you to the gridiron. From there you’ll need to follow the path up the gridiron and onto the bridge where the small demons are mobbed up. Once you get onto the bridge look to your right and there is a pathway that leads down to another bridge. At first glance the path looks like it’ll drop you off a cliff but that’s not the case…it’s actually a slope that leads to the Catacombs entrance.

When the Catacombs announcement appears that it’s open head inside and you’ll need to farm 10 June Stone Tablets from any of the June Golems in the area. They’re easy to kill and even easier to kill in a party. Speaking of a party, be sure to party-up or raid-up BEFORE you enter the Catacombs, if you try to party with someone after you enter a timer will appear and kick you out. So, plan ahead when it comes to partying. If you are in a party and plan to enter, take note that each member will require 10 stone tablets each. After acquiring them head to the very bottom of the underground temple and use the tablets on the entrance door to officially enter the June Catacombs.

June Stones And The Four Emeralds

Teleporting to the Catacombs

A lot of players are completely unaware of what the tin boxes are for in Allods Online. They only drop in the Catacombs and all tin boxes contain June stones used to teleport around the Catacombs. It takes only a couple of stones from the tin boxes in order to teleport from one outer layer to the next. It takes 10 stones to teleport from one central layer to the next, and 20 stones to get from a central layer into the inner layer.

You can teleport from one emerald to the next so long as you have enough of the teleportation stones in stock. Take note that all your stones will be zapped from your inventory once you activate a June teleporter.

Tin Boxes, Myrrh And A Little Gold Dust

Standing at the Catacombs entrance

There are three Epic chests littered throughout the Catacombs and only very fast and very diligent players will be able to reach them in time. There are also bosses to look out for that drop some rare goodies. Usually high-geared or raiding parties are the ones who get the chests first, so keep that in mind when entering the Catacombs.

Nevertheless, if you’re not entering into the maze for Epic chests there are other benefits for traversing through the mind-boggling zone, such as farming tin boxes. Inside these boxes are lots of useful items, some specific to the Catacombs such as the June mana pots that restore health and mana for a couple of minutes, which allows for just about any class to tank the mobs inside. Other goodies include things like medium bags of gold dust for creating runes or 100s or sometimes 1000s of myrrh. Farming the tin boxes can prove to be very profitable and is a great way to make some extra gold.

When you get tired of the Catacombs and feel like leaving just head to an emerald and have it teleport you back to Gipat.

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