Allods Online Beginner Guide For Mages

Allods Online Beginner Guide For Mages
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A Hint Of Flame And A Dash Of Ice

One of the most endearing character archetypes in the world of MMORPGs is the mage. From Runescape to World of Warcraft, and from Anarchy Online to Champions Online, the mage finds a way to make an appearance using elementals one way or another as a prime source for either dealing damage or holding off mobs.

In Allods Online the role of a mage is wholly traditional in the sense that anyone who has played Everquest, Fly for Fun or any of the older-school MMORPGs knows that the primary function of a mage is to crowd control using elemental attacks while dealing massive damage at the same time. That’s exactly how the mages operate in Allods Online, and you can get an idea of how they’re played with this Allods Online beginner guide for mages.

The Basic Elements Of A Mage

Icy grave in effect

There are three primary elements at the disposal of a mage in Allods: fire, ice and lightning. Utilizing these three basic forces of nature at the beginning of the game becomes a necessary act of survival for mages and after many of the patches to condense or bottleneck the possibilities of certain archetypes, right from the start of the game mages are now designed to CC, making them a lot more party friendly than how they originally started.

The fire skills that mages start with are aimed at unleashing moderate DPS at long range, while the lightning grip compensates for mobs who get too close to mages and the icy grave is for subduing multiple enemies at once for crowd control effects. These are the basic skills that players will start with and must learn to master as they level up.

Mage Skills

Mage Skills

Fire Arrow: Shootings a fire bolt at an enemy target from up to 40 yards away. This skill does moderate damage as it’s leveled.

Ice Flow: Freezes enemies with ice elemental abilities. Targets are slowed down for as long as this skill is in effect, making it a good mobility reducing skill against tougher melee opponents.

Shocking Grasp: A close-range electric attack that shocks enemies who are close to you.

Meteor: This is a non-targeting skill that allows players to choose where to fire the meteor within a specific area, allowing for AOE damage to any hostiles that happen to be within range. This is one of the most powerful mage attacks on the game and is essential for a DPS build.

Icy Grave: A CC (crowd control) skill that freezes an enemy in an icy clump for a maximum of 30 seconds. This is another essential skill for mages who are planning on becoming crowd controllers for heroics/astral/Gorluxor’s Tower.

Stone Barrier

Stone Barrier: This is a long lasting barrier protection skill that calls on the element of rock to absorb periodic damage for up to 15 minutes.

Reflections: This skill creates multiple illusions of the caster and any damage directed to the player can potentially be dissipated to one of the illusions.

Thunderbolt: A preparatory DPS attack that allows the player to pre-cast and inflicts massive damage on a mob.

Dispel: This skill can remove one negative spell effect from a friendly target or remove one positive spell effect from a hostile target.

Wall of Flame: This is another vital skill for mages who wish to do heroics; the fire wall immobilizes all hostile forces caught within its range and inflicts periodic fire damage. This CC skill works perfect for both PvE and PvP.

More skills on display

Electric Pulse: This is equivalent to what the old Tesla shot used to do for scouts before all the patching. This DoT inflicts electric damage periodically with increased damage per level.

Icy Comet: Another non-targeting attack that’s the icy version of meteor. This skill inflicts cold damage to all hostile mobs within the targeting area.

Elemental Shield: An upgrade over the stone barrier skill and adequately enough, cancels out the stone barrier skill. This skill starts with 3 magical barriers that absorb all types of damage except for physical damage. This is perfect for mages who need to off-tank in astral or heroic instances.

Conflagrate: This skill inflicts fear on the selected targets, causing them to flee around in terror and prevents them from using skills or moving around on their own. This skill is another essential CC skill in case Icy Grave or Fire Wall is on cooldown.

Prismatic Lightning: This is another AoE attack that inflicts the target with moderate lightning damage and up to 3 other hostiles in the immediate area with additional damage as well.

Knowing The Mage You Want To Be

Elite Mage

Easily enough, the changes made for the mages in Allods Online have been designed to make it easier for players to pick and choose what kind of mage they plan to become. The branching skill tree and talent grids have been eased up so you’re either a DPS mage or a CC mage. Making alternative forms of some classes has been limited (or removed) slowly and surely through each and every patch (for better or for worse).

Hopefully this beginner guide for mages shed some light on what to expect from the class. You can check out more beginner guides for Allods classes right here at Bright Hub or visit the Official Website to learn more about the game.

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