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Allods Online Treasure Guide
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Where’s The Treasure?

For gamers who have grown tired of online first-person shooter games and grind-heavy MMOs, and wanted to experience something new and thrilling like gPotato’s brand new, blockbuster MMO, Allods Online, has probably asked or knows someone who asked “Where’s the treasure?” It’s a phrase repeated throughout every zone and justifiably so…some of the treasure is just tough to find.

What’s more is that the treasure in Allods isn’t just one box or one quest, it’s a quest for each and every single zone on both the League and the Empire side. This walkthrough will visually and descriptively showcase where the treasures are in each zone and how to find them. So keep reading this Allods Online treasure guide to find out where the treasure is that you’re looking for.

Keep in mind, though, you can only get one treasure a day unless you use incense to activate your patronage (assuming you have level 2 or higher patronage). If you need help in understanding patronage/runes for accessing treasure then be sure to check out the beginner rune guide.

Lightwood Treasure Guide

To Lightwood and beyond

This is one of those treasures that is not easy to come by because unlike the treasures later on in the game, this particular treasure is not near a boss and you don’t come across it by just questing. It’s tucked neatly away from most quest items, sort of the way World of Jingwu is neatly tucked away from most MMO gamers looking for a free online fighting game.

Anyway, the Lightwood treasure is located at the far end of Birchwood Forest, south of the mage camp on top of the hill. In order to get up to the treasure follow the far-east pathway at the end of the East Sawmill…this leads up through the mountainside to the treasure. The treasure itself is among a pile of bones and should have a repeatable icon by it just before you get to it.

Siveria Treasure Guide

Scary looking structures, no doubt

Unlike the Lightwood treasure, the Siveria treasure is actually quite easy to find simply by questing. In fact, following the standard quests in Siveria will lead you directly to the treasure. For those who still need help finding it then just keep reading for all the necessary info.

The treasure is past Gravestein village, on top of the mountain between the two giant towers. You can access the pathway that leads to the treasure by going through Mercenary Pass – there’s an Orc village of bear tribe mercenaries at the base of the mountain which is the entry path for reaching the mountaintop. Follow the path/quest that leads upward through the Orc village and it will take you directly to the treasure.

Frozen Frontier Treasure Guide

An extra shot of Mercenary Pass

Much like Siveria, the Frozen Frontier’s treasure is quite easy to locate if you follow the quest line. In fact, it’s kind of hard to miss the Frontier’s treasure so long as you do all the main quests. Nevertheless, this Allods Online treasure location guide will walk you through finding it.

You’ll find the treasure on Nordheim Isle up near the elite Drakes. Follow the pathway through the dungeon, which will lead you back outside. Move up and around the mountain area to where the Drakes are located and you’ll easily find the treasure there, inside the ice. Getting out is a little harder than getting in, so it’s best advised to head to the treasure with a party.

Darkwater Treasure Guide

At end of the lake bend lies the treasure

Sharing similarities to Lightwood…coming across the treasure in Darkwater is no easy task, mainly because you actually have to go searching around for it in the water. Just be careful not to run into Nessie.

The highly sought after treasure is actually located along the coastal ridge of the Darkwater allod. You’ll find that it’s just north of the little hut on the main map within an indented rock gorge underwater. Be sure to swim along the edge of the coast (but not too close, otherwise the current can slip you right off over the edge) and you should spot it. The treasure is in a somewhat dangerous position because it’s very close to the edge. If you still need help with this zone be sure to check out the Allods Online Darkwater guide.

Tenebra Treasure Guide And Asee-Teph Treasure Guide

Asee-Teph’s treasure location

Juse the June Stone to hit the Tainted Woods

The treasure in Tenebra, through the summer Manor, is located on the isle of the Tainted Woods near Lamia Lake in a chest. This treasure, much like the one from the Frozen Frontier is probably best acquired with the help of a party, otherwise you could find yourself in a bit of trouble trying to retrieve it. This zone also starts the trend of being dependent on a party, much like GameHi’s upcoming third-person apocalyptic MMO, Project E.

After Tenebra it’s time to head to the Holy Lands to retrieve the treasures in Asee Teph, El June and the Coba Plateau. The first treasure is located at Asee Teph near the Miktlan Ruins right next to the site of power at the end of the excavation site. You’ll find it in a pile of skeletons to the left (or slightly north) of the site of power. Need further help in the Holy Lands? Check out the Asee-Teph walkthrough then.

El June And Coba Plateau Treasure Guide

El June treasure location

Both El June and Coba Plateau have rather obvious treasures that are nearly unavoidable so long as you follow the quest line. El June’s treasure is extremely accessible. In fact, simply keep going through the quests that are handed out at the El June Bazaar and you’ll eventually end up with a troll quest that leads to the Ishtmal ruins. The treasure is inside the column to the far right of the ruins along the edge of the steps.

Coba Plateau’s treasure is a little more difficult to get to but rather obvious during questing. You’ll find the treasure on the Isle of Weakness. Be sure to clear out the skeletons before proceeding otherwise you’ll end up in an unfortunate position where the energy drain will leave you defenseless against all the skeletal mobs. The treasure is on the far east isle (or the last isle) with the husk boss, inside the small zem device. Still need help with Coba Plateau? Be sure to check out the two part Coba Plateau guide.

Coldberg Treasure Guide

Coldberg treasure location

Things get much easier by the time you get to Coldberg, not only is it easier with questing but also when it comes to retrieving the treasure. I’ll be honest, though, the treasure itself is no easy find unless you know where to look. The good part is that it’s not near any hostile mobs and there’s no need to worry about bosses, energy draining effects or it being near a PvP battleground.

Simply head across to the Frozen peak where the free traders are and follow the path west to where the yaks are. There’s a pathway that leads up the mountainside. Be sure to follow the right path as they try to trick players heading up the mountain. The treasure is at the very top of the mountain located inside a crystal shard.

Avilon Treasure Guide And Dragon Ring Treasure Guide

Avilon treasure location

Finding the treasure in Avilon isn’t difficult once you get the quest. It’s probably best completing alongside the quest to infiltrate the vampire’s castle. The treasure itself is located on the southern dark shard allod where the vampires are.

You’ll find it located on a fallen over crystal shard within the ruins to the far northeast side of the dark shard allod. The only way off the allod is by farming a key off one of the nearby vampires.

One of the hardest treasures to get to in the game is the treasure on Dragon Ring, which is located on Dragonfang Isle. The quest starts, however at Drakescale with the Demon Hunters on the cursed shore. Head to Dragonfang isle to find the treasure, which is located near the back of the isle just inside a rock between two Augurs and an egg. If you need help finding out which quests lead there, you can find it in the Dragon Ring guide.

Gipat Treasure Location

Gipat treasure location

Finding the treasure amongst the Gipatian ghost isn’t nearly as difficult as some of the other maps. In fact, it’s quite easy to stumble across the treasure in the recently added allod map.

The biggest issue with finding the treasure in Gipat is getting to the treasure. For those of you who don’t know, the treasure in Gipat is somewhat far off from the starting point of the ghostly allod.

After getting to Gipat from the teleport crystal, you’ll have to venture to the main Gipat stronghold. From there, you’ll get the quest to find the treasure and then follow the path west along the Crused Path. Once you get to the edge of the path where it turns north, head directly south until you reach some sparse ruins and the treasure is located in a fallen stone on the ground.

Yazes Shard Treasure Guide

Yazes Shard treasure location

Yazes Shard ruins for the treasure

This quest starts with the League Captain and his bodyguards just north of the Arena of Death, inside a ruined structure. You’ll find that the quest indicates that the treasure is located in the north ruins. However, anyone who has quested in Yazes knows that there are ruins all over the place.

The exact location is actually on the northeast end of the allod. The treasure is located inside a ruin that happens to be north of the wrecked astral ship on the east shore. It’s located directly at the letter ‘T’ at the Tainted Shores on the main map located within some rubble. Grab it and turn it in at the League Captain.

If you still need more guides for Allods Online and other MMOs be sure to check out more beginner and advanced guides here at Bright Hub. For more info on Allods Online feel free to visit the Official Website.

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