Allods Online Crafting Guide Walkthrough

Allods Online Crafting Guide Walkthrough
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The Arts And Crafts Of Allods Online

The one thing that makes the equipment in Allods Online really stand out is when it’s crafted by other players. All the items players loot from monsters or chests absolutely pale in comparison to a well-crafted item from a player, and it’s all thanks to the crafting mechanic present in Allods Online.

Unlike Red Cliff Online where crafting high-grade items was entirely based upon the grade of the material used, which makes perfect sense – Allods allows for players to craft lower or higher grade items based entirely on a light mini-game of chance. This is both a unique and slightly exploitable feature that gives most players the chance to produce high level equipment that can either be sold or traded.

This guide will help new players get a grasp on the basics of crafting and how to use the crafting tools in Allods Online.

Crafting Versus Supplying

Sometimes it’s better to craft other times it’s better to supply

One thing new players were a bit confused about when starting off in Allods Online, was that there is a difference between crafting and supplying. For beginners, it’s only possible to have one profession at a time, which means you have to choose what you plan on becoming and how you plan to utilize it in the game. Take note, though, it is possible to take on two professions at once, which usually includes being a supplier of one profession and a crafter in another profession.

The biggest difference between supplying and crafting is that suppliers gather material and crafters use the material to make items. For instance, a Herbalist gathers herbs and flowers from around the game world while an Alchemist can use the herbs and flowers to make all sorts of potions and whatnot. The same applies for Miners, who can gather up all sorts of copper, silver and other materials that Blacksmiths can use to make accessories and plate armor.

When starting off, players must decide if they prefer to craft or supply until they can receive an Artisans permit that allows for taking on a second profession. After level 10 you can talk to the NPCs in the main towers at Nezebgrad or Novograd to receive the Artisan quest.

Learning A Tradecraft And Unlearning It

NPC trainers giveth and taketh away

To learn a profession simply head to the NPC trainer of the respective trade-skill and purchase the book to learn the trade. It’s really just that easy. Also, there’s no such thing as messing up when it comes to choosing a tradecraft or supply profession. If you’re not satisfied with your choice you can return to the NPC trainer and purchase a potion to remove the profession in case you plan on becoming something else. Once you remove the profession all skills and attributes associated with that profession will be wiped clean.

Take note that your skill profession is also mirrored by your level, so the higher your level the higher your tradecraft can become and, in turn, the more you have to lose if you decide to unlearn that profession.

Making Items Worth Selling

This guy is definitely wearing something worth buying

Suppliers usually require a tool or two from the respective trainer before being able to gather. If you plan on just gathering supplies as a supplier so you can make some extra cash by selling the material, then that’s fine. The whole point of supplying is basically to sell stuff for cash or help other players with materials they need for making stuff.

For crafters you’ll need a kit to make or craft items and armor. You can purchase the kit from the respective NPC vendor. Before you can make anything you’ll need the appropriate supplies. The best way to start off is to right click on the kit in your inventory and check for what items or materials are required to make the item.

If you need leather, embroidered cloth, copper, etc., the best way to acquire what you need is from the auction house. There are usually quite a few people selling all the necessary goods to produce items from tailoring, leather-making or blacksmithing, so be sure to check thoroughly. If you can’t find what you’re looking for try using zone chat to check if a disassembler or miner is in town to offer up any goods.

Choosing The Right Options To Make The Right Gear

Crafting the right gear means getting out of those newbie clothes

Once you have the items in your reagents portion of your inventory the option to craft level-specific items should become available in the crafting kit menu. The little mini-game for crafting consists of a few buttons and some roll-dice mechanics. There are six stages and six buttons. The most important is, of course, the quality of the item so it’s important that if you have a good plus sign on item quality then you’re definitely not going to end up with anything less than what you planned. And yes, it’s possible to end up with something you didn’t intend to make if the quality of the item falls into the negative zone.

All six buttons must be pressed and most of the time it falls to luck on whether the buttons will receive a plus or minus next to the tab so it may take a couple of tries to get the hang of it but it’s easy to understand after you mess around with it a few times.

Whatever you can’t wear or use can easily go into the auction house. Anything you make with a blue title or higher is worth selling.

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