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Adding On Makes For Added Fun

Astrum Nival’s highly popular, fantasy sci-fi, adventure, industrialized-medieval, PvP-based, story-driven MMO has really made waves throughout the industry with its short lifespan on the free-to-play market. Given its wholly unique take on the RPG spectrum there have been a number of add-ons released to help players with some of the basic instruments for not only partaking in simple things like auto-looting and monitoring DPS (damage per second) but there are also add-ons to help with more complicated tasks of gameplay such as navigating the ever changing realm of the astral using a third party astral navigator. This Allods Online addons guide will walk you through a few of the basic add-ons you might want to consider getting for the game as well as how to install them.

Finding The Right Place For Add-Ons

Legendary geared Imperial warriors

There are a couple of places out there that have the add-ons that most players will want added to the game. Be wary, though, when generally searching for Allods Online addons you’ll more than likely run into Russian websites (which is where the game originally released, considering that Astrum Nival is Russian) and it can become a little confusing trying to figure how to download the add-ons or what the even do, given that all the text is in Russian.

Now, if you do happen upon a Russian website it’s possible to use Google translate to alter the text into English so you can read the descriptions and find out where to go to download the add-ons. Alternatively, you can find an easy-to-use English-based website with the add-ons. The only thing to keep in mind is that the Russians usually have newer and better add-ons since their version of Allods is always going to be a few months ahead of the rest of the world’s renditions of Allods.

Allods Add-Ons To Look Out For

Auto-vending Addons are useful

There are a few noteworthy sites out there that carry some basic add-ons and it’s important to know what to look out for as absolutely necessary to increase the fun factors or playability of the game. For high levels the Dark DPS meter is an absolute must-have, as it gauges the amount of DPS and threat that players generate for each battle. This helps in distinguishing when to DPS, or when to let a tank grab more aggression.

Another helpful add-on is the True Health mod that shows the enemy’s lifebar above their head during the battle so players know exactly how much health they have and how far they have to go in order to wipe them out.

A few sites worth checking out for add-ons include:

Be sure to run through Google translate to get a proper view of the site.

You’ll also find some very useful add-ons at the Allods Online forum:

Installing Add-Ons

Some addons affect graphics

This is one of the easier procedures, and simply requires gamers to put the appropriate files into the appropriate places. After downloading the necessary add-on simply unzip the contents of the file into the following directory:

C:\\Allods Online\Data\mods\Addons\

The next time you start the game up there will be an option within the game’s login menu that allows you to activate additional add-ons. Simply click the little icon at the bottom left hand corner of the screen. To activate the add-on simply click on the button, and presto, you’re in business.

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