Allods Online Oreshek Walkthrough

Allods Online Oreshek Walkthrough
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A Call To Heroes

Even though you may have a toon who reached level 38 and you feel that the game has become significantly easier, there’s still a lot more left to discover in Allods Online. In fact, level 38 is a milestone for opening up a brand new door for all kinds of amazing adventures, including things like Astral Travel, Gorluxor’s Tower and, of course, Heroics.

This Allods Online Oreshek walkthrough will guide you through the basics of what sort of team you need, what sort of gear you’ll need and what sort of tactics you can use to overcome the very first phase of Heroics in Allods Online.

How Geared Is Geared Enough?

That flimsy armor won’t be enough for Oreshek

When people tell you that you need to get geared for Heroics they basically mean that you’ll need the best equipment available for your level. If you plan on doing Heroics at level 38 you’re definitely going to need some higher-than-decent armor and weapons if you plan on crowd-controlling, tanking, DPS’ing or just playing the role of a support character.

No matter what class you are it’s best to head into Oreshek with mostly all blue items. If you’re sporting greens (also known as Uncommon) then it’s safe to say that at level 38 not only will you draw massive aggression from the level 40 mobs, but you’ll also have practically no effect on them whatsoever. So, before heading into Oreshek be sure to grab level 38 rares…as many as you can, suited for your character class. If you can’t get your hands on level 38 rares, the next best step is to acquire some level 39 greens. While Uncommon gear isn’t entirely useful for Heroics, it’s still better to have high level gear than low-level gear.

New Teams Need To Control Crowds

Leave the partying at the door, everyone needs to know their role

The only way you’re going to survive with a less than 5-runed gear, Epic-wearing team is if the entire group knows how to work together and control the crowds in Oreshek. There are only a couple of scenarios where things can get out of hand but for the most part there is a pathway that you can follow in order to clear out the mobs and nab some gear.

Once you enter the first place to head toward are the beams at the back of the wall. The team should group up there with the tank taking lead and charging into the first mob who should be all alone. The team should follow this path, clearing out singular mobs along the way and CC’ing any additional mobs that are accidentally aggro’d.

The Battle For Osip – Part 1

Fighting inside Oreshek

In the normal instance of Oreshek, the sub-boss Osip Kruchinin with his two cronies is nowhere to be found. If you’ve been practicing for Heroics by doing the normal Oreshek you’ll have most of everything down except for Osip, who also happens to be attached to the streamlined quest-line for the World Mystery that opens up Gorluxor’s Tower. If you completed all the World Mystery quests in Yazes Shard you’ll gain access to the World Mystery via completing the Demon Gates quest.

When you’re inside the Heroic version of Oreshek you’ll find Osip a couple of mobs in, accompanied by two Marksman. Take note, the Marksman always pull with Osip. The tactic here is that if you have a Mage and PSI, you have the Mage and PSI stun and Icy Grave the Marksman. If you only have one crowd-controller, then use them to CC one of the Marksman while an off-tank such as a Templar/Paladin takes the reigns and tanks the Marksman while the main tank (a Warrior) tanks Osip. Have the rest of the party battle the Marksman, and when they’re finished continue on to burn the second Marksman.

The Battle For Osip – Part 2

Engaged in battle

A more advanced strategy for fighting Osip if your group has neither a Mage or a PSI in the group, is to use two Scouts/Rangers/Stalkers. The main goal would be to use two Scouts to alternate stunlocking on one Marksman while the main tank holds over Osip and an off-tank occupies the attention of the second Marksman. The remaining party members will help the off-tank burn the Marksman while the Scouts continue to stunlock using off-CC tactics such as alternating caltrops, flash bombs, rapid fire and blinding shots.

If you only have one Scout in the party, then the main tactic would be to bring a Warden along (if you’re unable to acquire the services of a PSI or Mage) and have the Warden CC one Marksman while the main tank and healer keep Osip busy, the off-tank and everyone else will burn the second Marksman. Once the Marksman are out of the way, go full DPS on Osip to wrap up the battle.

Trolls Behind The Tower

Oreshek troll

The Runaway Troll is an AOE boss that’s located in the same place that he is in the normal version of Oreshek. There are a number of mobs protecting the troll but a Warrior using silent shot can pull the troll without too much of a fuss. Be sure to clear out the mini-mobs at the tent areas that wander around, otherwise they’ll prove to be quite annoying during your battle, interrupting you at every turn.

For the most part, the troll battle is a typical tank-and-spank routine, with the healer simply needing to keep enough distance so as to not receive any major damage from the troll during his AOE attacks. The tank’s main goal is simply to taunt the troll enough to hold aggro while the other party members unleash full damage on the troll.

Stairwells And Big Bombs

Walking away after the smoke clears

Usually after defeating Osip, people who are primed to acquire additional gear head up the stairs just behind Osip. Up there you’ll find some mages and Timur Kruchinin. This guy is the same in Heroics as he was in the normal Oreshek run: lots and lots of bombs…and then some.

The main tactic here is to keep the DPS party members clear enough for the tank to grab Timur’s aggro. The idea is basically that if Timur attacks anyone else it’ll just send them flying and knock out a chunk of their life. For the most part it’s like a merry-go-round of explosions, axes, and fisticuffs. If you can manage to keep on your feet, just tank-and-spank Timur and you should be a-okay.

Tent Mobs…Always The Tent Mobs

Battling a tent mob

Battling the tent mobs is always somewhat of a challenge because of their unpredictable nature, as well as the fact that there are Warrior, Marksman and Priest wanderers who attempt to interrupt on the party-time affair relating to owning the mobs. The best way to knockout the tent mobs near the catapult – which is just by the stairs that lead to Timur – is to CC the Warrior, burn the Marksman and have the group tank occupy the Spellslinger. After finally getting rid of them be sure to make work of all the wanderers so they don’t interfere with the upcoming scuffles.

Gudimir And The Wolf Trainers

Setting up for Gudimir

You’re near the end, this is it. You’ve barrel-rolled through all those gosh awful mobs; you beat up the Runaway Troll; you and your team pancaked Osip into oblivion; you gave Timur a pedicure of pain and a rough surgery with hammers, axes and a little Holy Might…this means that it’s time to take down the big dog, Gudimir Belsky.

Before getting to Gudimir you’ll need to wipe out the Wolf Trainers. Do this one Wolf trainer at a time. The wolves that follow the trainers can’t be crowd-controlled but Scouts can use caltrops and flash-bombs to subdue them. Be sure to burn the wolves first and then take out the trainer.

You’ll need to waste one more mob group consisting of a Spellslinger, a Priest and a Warrior. After burning through them have the Warrior use silent shot to draw Gudimir and his two pet wolves. As usual, burn the wolves and DPS Gudimir. The only thing to watch out for is his burning chains, which can be removed by running up to a teammate and pressing ‘Z’. Finish him off and grab the loot…and you’re done.

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