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Allods Online Dragon Ring guide
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The Dangers of the Dragon Ring

On the League side, the hardest place to level is Dragon Ring. There’s no question about it. Even the final allod for level 40 questing, Yazes Shard, doesn’t hold a candle to the difficulty of leveling on the Dragon Rings.

The reason the allod is so hard is that it consists of three very small isles with a lot of mobs. It’s hard to walk five feet without getting clobbered to a pulp by a floating Eye or a rampaging Tapir.

Nevertheless, if you have the gumption to take on Dragon Ring then you’ve come to the right place for learning about the location of the treasure, finding the scouts and defeating the bosses in this Allods Online Dragon Ring guide.

Getting Your Stats In Order

Going into Dragon Ring with newb gear is dangerous

Dragon Ring isles are designed for level 38 toons on up. It’s true that the starting quest are available for level 36 or 37 players, but in all honesty, unless you go in with a very viable team that knows exactly how to play, it won’t be easy getting past the daily reputation quests in Dragon Ring.

Instead, it’s best to go in at level 38 when you can solo most of the starting quests on the isle without having to worry about where you walk and getting aggression from the clutter of mobs in the area.

Also take note, that any player going to Dragon Ring level 37 and up should check their stats, pronto. No necessary stat should say “This stat is low for your level” if you plan on surviving in Dragon Ring. Be sure to have all the necessary gear for your level when going there.

The Two Scouts On The Two Isles: Part 1

Two more scouts, just for the heck of it

Dusky Isle and Pangol Isle share two quests that had people in a head spin. They’re two separate quests that require players to find two scouts.

On Dusky Isle the first scout is located far west of the Demon Hunter settlement. She is hidden between a few trees close to the shoreline. The second scout is close to the camp on the opposite side of the Demon Hunter settlement and further south of the first scout…near the cursed part of the shoreline.

Both scouts have missions after they’ve been found. The first scout mission includes summoning a demon near the June stone. This mini-boss isn’t very tough and can be soloed.

The second scout mission on Dusky Isle is a very simple one. Simply walk over to the cursed part of Dusky Isle where the demon scouts are, in order to investigate if demon activity is taking place.

The Two Scouts On The Two Isles: Part 2

They may be cute, but Gibberlings have sharp teeth

The second pair of scouts on Pangol Isle are closer together. The first one is a Gibberling family just south of the settlement once you use the June stone. They have a daily repeatable quest to kill 12 demon mages.

The second scout on Pangol Isle is directly across from the Gibberling scouts within the cursed part of the isle. Head along the eastern, cursed shore and the second scout is up on a broken ledge near the demon mages.

Many players had a difficult time finding the second scout, but heading directly southeast from the position of the Gibberling scouts should take you directly to the second scout’s position. Hopefully this walkthrough for finding the missing scouts helped out a bit, but there’s still more to Dragon Ring, so hang in there.

From Pangol To The Cursed Shore

An Astral Demon hovers between Pangol and Dragonfang

The difficulty of Pangol Isle is that once you get down near the hydras it can be tough getting back up. It’s best to complete all the quests on the starting segment of Pangol before heading down to the lower half of the isle.

Be sure to grab the quests from the NPC near the ledge that leads down to the lower half. Many of the quests leading up to the settlement in the cursed isle simply involve grinding on a few mobs.

As always, it’s best to do these quests in a party because the mobs are extremely close-knit and it’s easy to draw the aggression from nearby mobs, unintentionally.

Drakescale Isle: Cursed Shore Quests

Saving a lizardman from a dragon

These quests aren’t a walk in the park and keeping in a party is still the most important advice you could get heading into any isle on Dragon Ring. The quests near the Cursed Shore on Drakescale include grinding on mushrooms for a few quest items (which is easy enough for a small party to handle) and capturing some eggs from the Dragon settlement north of the Cursed Shore camp. Follow the pathway south through the cursed shore and stairs will lead you up to the dragon nests.

Capturing the eggs can be tricky with all the Dragons walking around and it’s best advised to do the quest with a group who can dissipate the aggro, otherwise things could get very hairy. You can find each egg guarded by a dragon warrior. If you have invisibility pots it’s possible to stealthily sneak in and grab them. If not, then it might be wise to take out each warrior one-on-one to get the eggs.

The last quest that will lead you to Dragonfang Isle includes grabbing a staff from a Dragon Augur. This isn’t a very difficult quest so long as you clear out the surrounding mobs or find an Augur who is alone. Once you get the staff the NPC at the Demon Hunter camp will give you the quest to talk to the drake NPC at the top of Dragonfang Isle.

Dragonfang: Treasure, Cullak And The Dragons

A Dragon Mage posing for the camera

The treasure on Dragonfang isn’t near the boss like most other treasures are in other allods. Instead, the treasure is at the back of the isle near two augurs. It’s within a slight gorge that contains an egg and a stone. Once you grab the treasure it’s time to head to the top of the mountain.

After getting to the top of the mountain talk to the dragon NPC and he will assist you in the quest for defeating Gorluxor. This quest can be completed alone, although it would be advised to go to this isle with a party, even if you are level 40.

After defeating Gorluxor and taking the head, there are a few more quests in the area. It’s best to complete the fireball quest from the dragon NPC so that none of the dragons will attack you while you’re on the isle. It’s extremely helpful for a later quest, as well, because you will be able to get past Dragon Mages without drawing any aggression.

After completing the fireball mission the dragon will have another chain quest to defeat Cullak and later report back to the head League Demon Hunter on Dusky Isle, using the courier raven.

Finishing Dragon Ring

It’s time to head to Yazes Shard

After defeating Cullak (which requires a raid or two scouts who can alternate stun-locking opponents) it’s time to head back to Drakescale to turn in some quests and Pangol to turn in some quests. You’ll need to talk to the NPCs and courier raven at Pangol to complete the Gorluxor quest. The raven whistle that the dragon hands you must be right-clicked in your inventory in order to complete the quest.

Meanwhile, you’ll receive a few new quests that involve talking to the Lizardmen elders back on Drakescale. They’ll have a few quests for you to complete, including killing 10 Dragon Sentries and their leader, which is the same place where you had to steal the eggs.

As usual, you may need a party on hand to get these quests done (unless you have Epic gear).

After completing the quest the Lizardmen Elders will have only a few more tasks left, including defeating Merdash. If you have recently completed the fireball quests, the Dragon Mages can be used as additional party members near Merdash, to defeat him.

The final mission on Drakescale for the Elders is to investigate the eggs guarded by the mages. Again, it’s advised to complete this quests after the fireball mission so that the mages won’t attack you. The eggs guarded by the mages are located near Merdash, at the end of the Dragon camp. The quest ends at the NPC at the bottom of the steps across from the eggs.

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