MMOFPS Beginner Guide For Mercenary Wars

MMOFPS Beginner Guide For Mercenary Wars
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How To Be Merc

Uforia’s latest online shooter features intense PvP combat and the added option of including bots in most of the player matches. Like most other online shooter games it also comes equipped with free-for-alls, team deathmatch and demolition modes. Now, Mercenary Wars may not be the biggest or baddest MMOFPS on the block, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. In fact, it’s easily one of the more enjoyable online shooters available. And even though getting started in the game is fairly convenient for new players, there are always a few useful hints and tips to make the winning experience fall in your favor.

This beginner’s guide will help new players scout for the right weapons; use the appropriate tactics for snatching up a few victories and making a mark right at the start of the game.

The Weapon Of My Enemy Is My Friend

Poor fellow slipped and fell to his death…or did he?

The biggest newbie hurdle in Mercenary Wars is the starting weapon options. Players are unable to buy new, high grade weapons until achieving a new rank. This means that you’ll be be stuck with a fairly generic weapon at the beginning of the game. Not to worry, though, the best tactic is to join a standard team deathmatch round in the beginner channel. Once the match starts up and you’re inside the game, the main focus of your tactics should be to stick with your teammates and wait for them to down an enemy, or if you’re good enough, try to down an enemy yourself and grab their weapon. You can easily cycle through weapons by pressing the primary weapon button to see a list of the guns you’ve picked up.

Players of a lower rank don’t receive the same amount of ammo as players of a higher rank when picking up enemy weapons. However, players who can find anything bigger than their starting weapon from a downed enemy can easily rack up a few more kills. Guns to look for (especially from NPC mercenaries) are: The G36 assault rifle, the AK-47 and the Minigun.

Equipping any of the listed weapons can greatly increase your chance to land a few extra kills, which can also earn you some extra bucks to set aside for a really kick-butt weapon after you level.

The Outsider Takes The Win

Don’t forget to check the pillars for campers

Firing a weapon with expert proficiency is only as good to a player or their team when the map is used in equal measure. In other words, make sure you stick and move. A lot of players in Mercenary Wars can land some impressive headshots but usually at the cost of staying put and eventually getting picked off by a sneaky backstabber. You don’t want to be the camper who hides behind a barrier after getting two consecutive kills, only for the enemy to sneak up behind you and bop you over the head. Instead, get an overview of each map by following teammates around, or in the free-for-all mode just avoid encounters and first get a feel for the map’s layout.

The best way to score kills is by using the outer-edges of the alleys, corridors or streets to flank the enemy. Much like Operation 7, players are given more than one way to approach the opposing side and this is how you can take advantage and catch your opponents off guard. Another good tactic is seeking out where players camp the most and safeguarding some of the routes they usually use to get there. It’s a great way to surprise attack opponents when they least expect it.

When Unsure Of Victory Camp A Corner

Camping is cheap but effective

Outmatched, out-gunned and out-manned? Don’t sweat it. Remember the stick and move tactic? Well, it still applies even when you’re losing…especially for corners and crevices. The best way to rack up some score while the enemy is punishing you like a red-headed stepchild, is to find a route they use the most and hide along the wall or the edge of the corner and pick them off as they pass by. It’s a cheap tactic but a good way to knock off a few foes and add some experience points to your cache.

If camping a corner fails, well, there’s always the option to get a few kills and avoid being killed to maintain a fairly decent kill/death ratio. It’s a coward’s way out, but if losing is inevitable, at least you can come out a winner by having more kills than deaths.

Weapon Of Choice

Pick a new weapon wisely…they’re expensive

The same weapons worth picking up while you’re a newbie are probably the same weapons worth buying once you level. Whatever weapon suits your playing style (and one that you feel comfortable wielding in most of the matches) is probably the gun you should buy. As a starting player, the option to pick up weapons is a great way to survey what gun you think is a best fit for you.

Personally, I found that the two guns that were just about right for any situation and game mode were the G36 assault rifle and the AK-47. One of the things that make the AK-47 a good gun to purchase in the early goings is that it fires fast, has sustainable recoil in short bursts and does a substantial amount of damage. The drawback to the AK is that it requires a steady hand to land headshots and its not entirely convenient for long range shots.

The G36 is about an all around perfect weapon for new players. Once achieving your level-up rank the one gun that’s definitely worth purchasing is the G36. During team deathmatch it’s an excellent gun for laying down precision suppression fire while at the same time good for both short and long range encounters. Picking off foes with well placed headshots is a fairly simple task with the G36 and it also performs exceptionally well when taking on multiple foes, as it can down enemies quickly with the rapid fire full automatic support.

The only drawback for the G36 is that it fires so fast it’s almost like taking a Ferrari out on the open highway and just letting loose on the accelerator…it’s easy for it to get away from you. Emptying a clip and ending up in a situation where you need to reload while surrounded by the enemy is something that can happen quite often. So it’s important to keep track of how much ammo you spend per clip so you don’t run dry during a heated firefight.

To Victory And Beyond

Shoot and run…it works in the movies

There isn’t much more to discuss that beginners might need to know. Most of the basics should help you on your way to becoming a proficient merc in this MMOFPS. And if you follow the tips in this guide you might find yourself in the winner’s circle more often than not. Added to this, Mercenary Wars is a fairly easy game to get adjusted to, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem having a few more wins than loses after following the steps in this beginner’s guide.

For more information on Uforia’s Mercenary Wars be sure to visit the Official Website.

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