Operation 7 MMOFPS Starter's Guide

Operation 7 MMOFPS Starter's Guide
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Joining The Operation

There are some MMO games out there that get players started out on the right track with a lot of useful tutorials, beginner guides and help sheets. They take gamers by the hand and literally guide them right to the point where they need to be to play effectively, such as Red Cliff Online or 2029 Online. A game that sort of needed that beginner’s touch is NetGame’s Operation 7, the bloody, customization-heavy MMOFPS. This fragger’s beginner guide well help new players get acquainted with the gameplay, the impressive and extensive Weapon Modification System (usually abbreviated as WMS) as well as a few tricks for staying alive in this kill-quick-or-be-killed online shooter.

Getting Familiarized With Firepower

Different guns and mods are good for different situations

When starting off in Operation 7 players will have several thousand dollars, a character waiting to be upgraded and a boatload of weapons to choose from. Now given that the game restricts players in certain weapons that can be purchased along with modifications (similar to Mercenary Wars or A.V.A) it means that new players will need to stick with something basic but reliable, just until gathering enough funds to purchase a new weapon or modifications.

The best beginner weapons for new players include the sub-machine gun class. While some players might want to purchase a standard M4 right at the start, it’s not really a convenient gun for most of the rookie maps due to its recoil and weight. It’s best to start with a sub-machine gun and add a few modifications in order to get started and familiarized with the gameplay.

A Weapon’s Looks Can Kill…Really, They Can

Can you guess what gun this used to be?

If a gun looks pretty cool in Operation 7, chances are it’s equally as dangerous. Tricking out a weapon in the game will usually afford players with a wealth of enhancements that will help turn the tide of battle for most players.

After browsing through the list of available SMGs, it’s time to pick one and start modifying it. Simply buying a new gun in Operation 7 isn’t enough to walk away from most matches with a victory in tow. With that said, after selecting the SMG of your choice (the MP5 is a preferred weapon for beginners) it’s time to purchase a new barrel, scope and stock.

Choices, So Many Choices…

An AK-74 tricked out for mid-range combat

Specific parts on a weapon will make or break the effectiveness of the gun. You can’t just toss together accessories like on Combat Arms and expect the gun to be perfect. Hence, it might be wise to invest in at least two barrels for your gun. One barrel should be purely acquired for accuracy while the other one should be for purchased for a silent effect. Silencers are almost complete game changers during certain bouts, even if it’s a rookie match.

On certain stages snipers will set up camp in areas to pick off you and your teammates. Stages such as Hell-Way 3 and Hell-Way 1 can leave a lot of new players hapless against expert campers. Sneaking around with a silencer can work as an equalizer, because snipers will never see or hear you coming and you can conveniently get in and out of a situation without being detected while using a silenced SMG.

For players who can pick off opponents at a long range using an automatic weapon, it might be smart to purchase a 4x scope for your SMG as opposed to a laser or aiming sight. However, if you purchase a scope you’ll need to balance the recoil to make up for the loss of control when firing by equipping a shoulder stock that adds more control to the weapon. This will allow you to fire short controlled bursts without the reticule or aiming sight moving all over the place.

Gun skills are

Every corner is capable of holding dangerous surprises

incomparable to navigating each map in Operation 7. A player who can pull off a dozen easy kills with long-range precision is nothing compared to a player who can navigate the field and score stealth kills, help position teammates with suppression fire or a player who knows how to cook a grenade and drop it in a tactical position while being pursued by an opponent.

Each of the maps in Operation 7 has ins and outs that must be mastered in order to become a map strategist, and subsequently leverage these skills against opponents. It’s best to first familiarize oneself with all the rookie maps, even at the expense of getting killed a few times.

First find out the extension of each map within the rookie map category. It’s good to know how far you can go in each map and where players are likely to camp as well as good entry and exit points for getting into and out of the opposing team’s territory.

Map Strategies

Silencers are great for stealth kills

A few hints on utilizing the map(s) to your advantage include the following:

Industry Town has a few sniping areas you can use against opponents if you start at the bottom of the map. Work your way to the opposite end and you’ll find a complex pathway that leads to a building where you can hide and snipe as opponents spawn. If you start at the top of the map where you can run straight into the building, try getting down to ground level and work your way to the far edge of the stage where a ladder will lead you to a safe spot where opponents will spawn.

Depository is a cool little stage with a lot of cover points inside a warehouse area, while an alleyway is present just outside. Only use the alley when opponents are not there. Getting engaged in a shootout on the side of the warehouse will usually result in being double-teamed once other players start hearing the gunfire. If you see opponents in the alley then head inside and try to take them by surprise from behind.

Map Strategies Part Two

The foliage is a great hiding spot for campers

Hell Way 2 has a few tricks that can be utilized against opponents no matter which side you spawn on. Simply find a way into the enemy base and head to the stairway that leads to the overhead railing. Instead of going up the stairs that leads over the spawn area, head to the corner where the wooden wall separates the stairway from the opposite side. You’ll be able to see through the cracks of the wooden barricade and pick off opponents as they spawn or respawn.

Hell Way 3 is a tricky stage to navigate because it’s designed for campers. However, there are a series of containers placed in the field that players can use as cover to navigate to the opposing team’s side. Simply head out of the spawn area and sneak to the nearest crate. If you can, communicate to your teammates to provide cover fire as you make your way to the next crate and eventually into the enemy base. Since the structures on either side are designed quite similarly it doesn’t matter which side you came from, simply head to the second floor and check for snipers before heading to the very top floor (silently). There are a few areas to hide and wait for snipers to perch. A particularly good spot is behind the door that leads to the top floor.

Using Skills To Pay The Bills

With the extra money you can afford to look snazzy

Gamers who follow the tips may find some success when starting off in Operation 7. It’s essential to really learn each map and understand the places to hide, to snipe, to lay down suppression fire or where to utilize team tactics. Mastering the maps is about as important as mastering one’s weapon. And just remember, if you’re not entirely comfortable with a gun you can also modify and build one and then preview or test it out at the shooting range before purchasing it.

Hopefully this guide will help get some newbie players acquainted with Operation 7 before diving head first into this tactically charged MMOFPS. For more information on the game be sure to visit the Official Website.

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