Genesis AD Beginner’s Guide

Genesis AD Beginner’s Guide
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Welcome To A New Genesis

Even though Genesis A.D. is free-to-play and generally easy to get a hang of, many gamers found themselves somewhat confused using some skills and gameplay tactics that weren’t properly explained directly after booting the game up. And it’s true, some of the advanced gameplay and character skills definitely take some getting used to.

If you keep the tool-tips on then you’ve undoubtedly noticed that many of the basic functions of menu navigation and adding or removing equipment is explained fairly easy. However, this Genesis AD beginner’s guide will help walk you through all the basics of the gameplay, as well as taking on the roles of the game’s three combat classes.

Understanding The Equipment

Not every gun type is for every character class

Before heading into a match the first thing that’s most important is outfitting your class with the appropriate equipment, similar to games like BattleSwarm, Mercenary Wars and other military based shooters. Now some players may not be entirely sure on which class they would prefer playing, so it’s best to head to the item shop from the main menu in order to find out what class best suits your playing style.

When you’re in the item shop not everything will be visible until you click on the character class. The one thing that stays the same are the categories, which include Weapons and Armor as the main categories and the sub-categories under Weapons include: add-ons, throwable, special, general and all. Under Armor the sub-categories include: backpack, helmet, body and all.

For each class you’ll find a variety of items and weapons available. The only thing that stays the same for every class are the grenades or throwables, and a few of the side-arms.

Outfitting As An Assault

Tanks are heavily armored with powerful weaponry

The main tank on the game is called an Assault class. This class is designated for the “run-and-gun” type but is actually quite short on the running part but they’re good for the gunning, all the way. For players who prefer standard assault rifles and shotguns, the Assault class is definitely the way to go.

They have optional backpacks that allow for boosting, which can be activated in-game by pressing ‘W’ twice. Take note that not all backpacks in the item shop have booster capabilities. Be sure to check the stats on each pack to see which one suits your play style, as some will allow for carrying extra items or gear or for higher energy capacity for frequent boosting.

The armor available for Assault classes is mainly setup for tanking purposes and taking tons of damage before finally going down. Nevertheless, the higher the armor capacity the slower players will move and the more energy they consume. So tanking a lot of firepower usually results in moving fairly slow while quicker moving suits will leave you more vulnerable for a quick death.

Outfitting As A Sniper

If you’re in the crosshairs, then you’re already dead

Making use of the Sniper class in Genesis A.D. requires a bit more strategy than simply grabbing a backpack and hopping into the game to snag a few kills. The prime skill function of a Sniper is to use active camouflage to either reach a perfect perch for sniping (i.e., Operation 7) or to get in close behind enemy lines and lay waste to unsuspecting foes. To utilize the invisibility or active-camo (i.e., Metal Gear Solid 4) simply press ‘V’.

Take note that not every backpack and armor setup in the Sniper’s cache enables camo, so be sure to look through the stats of each item to see what would benefit you most as a Sniper.

When it comes to weapons, the choices are mostly designated to various sniping rifles that fire at different rates. The specialty weapons for Snipers allow players to unleash devastating energy attacks with a slow cool-down rate. Secondary weapons include the standard pistol, revolver and a special fast-firing sub-machine gun that many players rely on to take down enemies fast.

Outfitting As A Supplier

The right weapon makes all the difference

The most generic class on the game is the Supplier. If you don’t have twitch-skills to nab kills as a slow moving Assault and you lack the finesse and timing to pull off kills as a Sniper, you can manage as the all-around Supplier, who mostly focuses on being able to carry a lot of equipment and using silenced weapons. Suppliers can hold the most weapons, which makes them extremely useful during the cooperative campaign where teammates are likely to run out of ammo.

The main weapon and armor choice for Suppliers falls in line with having moderate protection and moderate speeds. The highlight of their weapon choices is that they’re mostly made for support and suppression fire. The mid-range rifles are great for disposing of enemies with quick burst fire or using the add-on grenade launcher to clear out a group of opposing players.

Knowing When To Use Grenade Types

Primed and ready for combat

There is a multitude of grenades on the game, quite similar to Soldier Front or the tactically inclined shooter, Operation 7. Smoke grenades are perfect for creating cover spots for team mates to either flank or retreat, where-is fire grenades are excellent for DOT’ing opponents.

Other grenades in Genesis A.D. step a little outside the standard bounds of normalcy, such as the compression grenades that deal initial damage and then blast anyone in the area about 20 through 30 meters in any given direction. It’s excellent for throwing snipers, campers or group tanks off their game. Other grenade types include the standard hand grenade as well as an electro-magnetic pulse bomb that detonates a stream of electronic interference that slows opponents down and deals moderate damage over time.

Some support grenades are best used in conjunction with certain weapon add-ons, such as the grenade launcher (which can only be equipped to machine guns and rifles). This way you can deal additional damage while either a smoke grenade or EMP has the enemy stunned.

Hopefully this guide has helped shed some light on the gameplay and tactical details of Genesis A.D. For further information regarding Genesis A.D. be sure to visit the Official Website.

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