Allods Online League Reputation Quest Guide

Allods Online League Reputation Quest Guide
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Gaining A Little Rep

When playing Allods, the biggest thing that will get most players is keeping their stats balanced. This is usually a very difficult thing to do if you don’t have access to the right gear, and all the right gear can only be accessed from only a few places, including Heroics (for levels 38 and higher), the Astral (for anyone who has an Astral Ship) or reputation gear.

Reputation gear is usually level-based and specific to a zone. This means that in each zone or area you travel to, there’s an NPC, or two or three, which hand out repeatable quests to repeat or grind on (usually referred to as a rep grind) that allows players to earn the required reputation to buy the rare gear from the NPCs.

The Difference Between Trusted And Respected

A poor newbie in need of reputation gear

Depending on your playing style, your frequency for partying or whether or not you’re in a guild will ultimately determine the importance of gaining high-level or high-stat gear.

Trusted gear is usually green colored and moderately better than what you’ll find in most shops for sale or in most drops from bad guys. It’s not bad gear but it’s primarily just good enough to get you out of a bind.

Respected gear is top notch gear from that faction. Not every faction has the same kind of Respected gear so sometimes it’s required to earn the Respected rank with several factions in order to purchase the necessary items for your character.

Needing Trusted And Needing Respected

This guy is obviously respected

For people who party frequently you’ll probably only find it necessary to earn the Trusted rank with most factions considering that teammates or a large raid makes all the difference when taking on bosses or other players.

Now if you’re the kind of player who oftentimes find themselves playing alone or soloing through quests, then hands-down you’re going to need to get Respected gear from the NPCs.

Unfortunately you cannot trade reputation gear or have other players with higher faction reputation buy the gear for you. So, with all that said keep reading this Allods Online League reputation quest guide to find out where to go and what to do earn the reputation required to buy the gear you need.

Lightwood Reputation Quest Guide

Carrying flour isn’t bad, but boy is it slow

Now you’ve made it to the meat and potatoes of part 1 of this Allods Online League reputation walkthrough. However, the only rep gear you can get in Lightwood from grinding quests (at the start of the game, coming off of Evermeet isle) is for Novograd Construction. Rep gear is sold at Quartermasters throughout the game and the Novograd Construction Quartermasters are located in the Trade District inside the first building to your right once you go inside Novograd.

The repeatable quests for the Novograd Construction are quite simple. The easiest (and most tedious) is the flour carrying quest. Simply talk to the Novograd dock worker at the Astral Ship docks and he’ll give you the quest to carry the flour to the NPC at the windmill just down the road. This quest can be repeated constantly and most players get it done before reaching level 10.

Other reputation quests, which can only be done once per day, include gathering 10 Wilted St. John Worts for the NPC inside the Trade District. If you’re not a Herbalist then you can try buying the flowers from the Auction House. Alternatively, you can head to the camp just outside Oreshek fortress that requires players to mob grind on a few mutinous rebels to earn additional reputation.

Siveria Reputation Quest Guide

Questing in the cold of Siveria

The next zone has a reputation quest that many players consider to be quite annoying. When you get to Molotovka there’s a quest given from an NPC just inside the house on the north side of town that sees players having to zap 10 tigers after getting their life low. The thing that makes the quest so hard is that it’s designed mostly for solo purposes so partying becomes a bit difficult.

The daily reputation grind at Molotovka is given from the merchant at the town hall, it’s called Copper Expedition and can only be opened after completing a few quests. It’s a quest for miners that requires players to bring 10 refined copper blanks to the merchant.

Alternatively, another repeatable reputation quest is available up at the Cape of Good Hope. The daily repeatable quest allows players to party and take down a couple of zombie ghosts just outside the fort.

Frozen Frontier Reputation Quest Guide

More questing in the Frozen Frontier

Frozen Frontier has one of the most fun and simplified reputation grinds in the entire game, on the League side. What makes it so simple? It’s just a basic mob-grind that can also be done in a raid.

You can grab the quest from inside one of the Gibberling huts. The quest is called Extermination and sees players having to kill 15 Harpies. It’s pretty easy to do and in a party it’s just a breeze.

The daily Gibberling reputation quest involves bringing the Attentive Family 5 Greater Health potions…something probably a Herbalist and Alchemist could get accomplished rather easily.

This concludes part 1 of the League reputation quest walkthrough. For more beginner guides for Allods Online be sure to check more of them out here at Bright Hub. For further information on Allods Online feel free to pay a kind visit to the Official Website.

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