Allods Online League reputation Quest Walkthrough

Allods Online League reputation Quest Walkthrough
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Darkwater Reputation Quest Guide

Finished with part 1 of the Allods Online League reputation quest walkthrough? Well, good, because there are still more reputatino quests throughout the game world of Allods, and once you get to Darkwater you’re only halfway done. Speaking of which, there are actually quite a few reputation quests in Darkwater and most of them can be soloed.

The daily rep quests involve Ghost Hunting, which sees players using a device to capture shadows. Simply activate the quest item so you can spot the ghosts and then – just like Ghostbusters – use the ectoplasmic capture device to retrieve the ghosts.

The other daily quest is for leather crafters. If you can make items in the “simple” category of leathermaking then you can make 5 simple leather jackets.

The final reputation quest and the most important involves planting a bane for crows in scattered bodies. The name of the quest is aptly named “Crow Bane”. Simply place the quest items onto the bodies scattered throughout the southern part of the forest. This can be done in a party or raid.

Tenebra: Summer Manor Reputation Quest Guide

Vampires beware, werewolves are about

….Too late for the vampires

The Summer Manor has a reputation quest that’s not bad but it can become somewhat tedious with its constant requirement to run back and forth between vicious mobs. Nevertheless, many players consider the Summer Manor as one of the best reputation grinds on the game, and mainly because players get to fight vampires by turning into werewolves. The name of the quest is called ‘The Other Side of Darkness’. In the mini-game it requires players to kill 10 Twilight Vampires (an obvious jab at the movie/book series) by transforming into a werewolf. This quest can be completed in a party or a raid.

The second repeatable reputation quest is a daily quest for cloth tailors. It requires 5 Blouses of Ordinary Enchanted Cloth, which shouldn’t be too tough for a disassembler and tailor to tag-team if both have their supplier/crafting skills above 180.

The Holy lands: Asee-Teph Reputation Quest Guide

Tenesse Temple of the Holy Lands

Asee-Teph, the first stop in the Holy Lands, has a ton of reputation quests for League Army reputation. You’ll find most of the daily reputation quests directly south of the Asee-Teph teleporter all located at one NPC.

The quests are as follows:

A Smelley Task: Ogres (daily): Players are required to kill 10 elite ogres. This quest should be done in a raid or high level party. The ogres hit particularly hard and it’s advised to bring a healer along or two scouts.

Sites of Power (Daily): This daily quests sees players venturing around Asee-Teph to capture the sites of power. For a complete location guide of each site of power required for capture be sure to check out the Holy Land Beginner Guide for Asee-Teph.

Battling Ogre elites in Asee-Teph

Carrying the War Banner (Daily): This is a newly added repeatable quest that can be done once per day. It’s a difficult quest and it’s highly advised to stay in a party or raid if you wish to get it completed, unless your toon is level 40. The quest requires players to farm a War Banner; activate the banner and then kill 5 Imperial players.

War to the Death (Daily): This is similar to the Carrying the War Banner quest. This quest requires players to kill any 10 Imperial players. It can be done in combination with the War Banner quest, and it’s best advised to stick to a party to complete it.

Kill 20 Warbringers: This is the repeatable grind of Asee-Teph for players level 25 and higher. This quest is located at the League camp at Tenesse Temple. Most players start raids for this quest and it’s highly advised to stick to a raid if you want to complete it. Alternatively, Imperial Warbringers spawn at a slightly hidden Empire spawn point south of the Overcharged Shore’s Site of Power.

The Holy Lands: El June Reputation Quest Guide

Taking a breather from the rep quest in El June

Ah, El June…this is one of the few places where grinding for reputation was not only hated, but despised among League and Imperial players. It’s such a difficult quest to take on, but not because it’s hard but because of how time consuming and tedious it is…similar to the control scheme on Splash Fighters.

The El June repeatable reputation quest takes place at the Waterfolk village. It includes killing eight large pikes and capturing six river fish in the nets. The large pikes is an easy task but the river fish can prove to be very difficult given that the respawn on the nets is extremely slow.

Alternatively, you can hand in 10 Potent Aloe to the Waterfolk as a daily quest, assuming you happen to be an alchemist.

Another daily repeatable in El June is for the Free Traders. This includes handing in 20 buttons to the trader just inside the tent.

A final repeatable quest is available near the Ishtmal ruins from the Gibberling family that requires gathering 10 cursed Treant barks from the Cursed Treants in the southern forest. This daily repeatable is for trade notes, associated with Plu’s quest for the ultimate weapon.

The Holy Lands: Coba Plateau Reputation Quest Guide

Always stay partied in Coba

There aren’t many repeatable quests in the Coba Plateau save for the Historians and Prospector’s quests. These quests are actually quite simple and also provide a good way to earn Reinforced bandages rather quickly.

There are two main repeatable quests in Coba that can be done successively and are not limited to dailies. This includes a quest at the Prospector’s Inn for the Combustion Climax, which sees players having to farm any Kobold in the nearby area for the Enchanted water and then using the water in the Rusted Wasteland when the firetrap springs. Simply press ‘Z’ to create the combustion, when prompted.

The second non-daily repeatable quest is from the Historians over at the Meridian Outback camp. The quest involves gathering four stolen Historian supplies from the pirates just west of the Outback camp. To spot out the boxes simply press ‘T’ when you’re near the pirate’s tents, which is where they are located. The boxes spawn very rarely after being picked up so it takes a while to get this quest done.

There is one other daily quest at Coba for Tailors, which involves bringing the NPC at the Prospector’s Inn five blessed handwraps of cloth in order to get the reputation points.

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