Allods Online Holy Land Beginner Walk Through For League

Allods Online Holy Land Beginner Walk Through For League
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A Journey Into The Holy Lands

So you’ve reached level 20 and it’s now time to take a journey to the Holy Land. In Allods Online, the Holy Land is much like the Wild West and once the words “X player now has a chance to prove themselves in combat” flash across the screen then it lets you know that no where is safe and everyone is fair game.

Now the highlight of the Holy Land is that players can earn some great gear from PvP’ing the opposing side by earning Combat Glory and unlocking new equipment at the Quartermasters in the Trade District of Novograd. Another cool part about the Holy Land is that there are plenty of repeatable quests available to stock up on healing supplies and cash. However, be warned that the Holy Lands can seriously dampen the moods of many Allods' players due to its heavy reliance on PvP and the take-no-prisoners mentality exhibited by other players who venture through the Holy Lands.

First Thing First: Protect Yourself

A body guard or two is invaluable

Unlike other zones in Allods, where the mobs are in specific areas and players can gauge their chances of beating opponents based on keeping a distance and scoping out the levels of the bad guys, the Holy Lands is open to all players of all levels. This means that while staying in a relatively “safe” area of Asee-Teph there’s still the chance that hostile Imperial players could be camping the area just waiting to pounce.

The best way to protect yourself is not in buying the best armor and weapons, although, the best armor and weapons do help a heck of a lot – the best way to protect oneself is partying! Yes, staying in a party or a raid is the only way to protect yourself when venturing throughout the Holy Lands when you’re level 30 and under. Parties are a great way to spot out opposing PvP players and also in helping get reputation quests done quickly. Added to this, even if you have your “Flag of War” turned off, someone with a War Banner could easily come along and wipe your face into the ground. Alternatively, look at it this way: you know how they say you need to join a gang in prison to stay safe? Well, imagine the Holy Lands as a prison and the only way to survive is to join a gang.

The Sites Of Power

Capturing a Site of Power

Whether you play as a League or Empire character in Allods Online, you’ll have to visit the Sites of Power when you’re in the Holy Land. These sites grant players special buffs for up to 10 minutes if it’s captured by the appropriate side. To acquire the buff simply walk up to the glowing beam of energy and the buff should activate. There are repeatable missions attached to the Sites of Power, including rather long-winded missions involving several sets of compounds but I’ll get to that later. The Sites of Power are easy to take over or get to as soon as you find out where they are.

Site Of Power Rep Quest Locations

An overview of the Tenesse Temple

The most important sites are both at the central camps of the League and Empire. Those are no-brainer. For the repeatable League Army reputation quest, the locations of the Sites of Power are as follows:

The June Stronghold Site of Power is actually in the very middle of the Tekyhan Jungle. The June Stronghold SoP is guarded by mages and June Golems. Strangely, the one SoP inside the June Stronghold is not the actual June Stronghold SoP.

The Tekyhan Jungle Site of Power is actually at the edge of the words Tekyhan Jungle on the main map. It’s not an entirely easy site to find because it’s so small but it’s slightly north of the June Stronghold Site of Power.

The Misty Slope Site of Power is easy to find as it’s directly south of the Misty Slope League camp but it’s often under intense PvP contention due to its positioning. The best time to capture this site for the quest is after everyone clears out. Alternatively, just use the zone chat to find out when it’s safe to grab the site.

Texio Swamp Site is rarely under fire from League or Empire because directly next to the site is a level 25 mini-boss, the Texian Hydra. You don’t have to fight the Hydra to capture the site but you will you have to mind your footing when getting there. To find it simply head to the Texian Swamp on your map and just before the end of the swamp you should find the Site of Power.

The Holy Land Treasure

Astral Ships arriving to the Holy Land

Asee-Teph’s hidden treasure isn’t all that hidden. Well, if you don’t know your way around it will probably feel hidden but compared to the other “hidden” treasures this one is quite easy to find.

On your map where it shows the June Stronghold is where you’ll find the treasure. In fact, once you get to the excavation site with the Quartz and Cyclone Elementals you’re already closer to the treasure than you think. Simply head to the Site of Power slightly south of the June Stronghold NPCs and just up the hill from the SoP head slightly north along the mound and there should be an indention on the hill with some bones. Once you see the bones, this is where the hidden treasure is located.

Magical, Astral, Natural And Elemental Compounds

A Cyclone Elemental

The Compound quest is one of the most tedious quests in Asee-Teph simply because it’s a pain to gather up all the Compounds if you plan to solo the mission. My first word of advice is that you should party up for this quest at all times. In a party or raiding group the quest drop rate is exponentially higher.

The Natural Compounds can be acquired from things like the Bloodthirsty Plant, the Muskirs or the Treants. Keeping a raid going and killing any of the aforementioned monsters should render some quick drops of the Natural Compound. The Astral Compound, despite its name, is actually not retrieved from the Astral Elementals but instead from the Sorcerers at the Overcharged Shore Site of Power. The Elemental Compounds drop from Astral Elementals and especially Cyclone Elementals. The Magical Compound only drops from the Channelers from the opposing side. So you’ll have to wait for an Imperial group to take over enough Sites of Power to circle around the map and kill the Channelers to retrieve the Magical Compound.

Tensess Temple And Uskul

Next stop…Nezebgrad

Tensess Temple and Uskul are not for the light of heart. The Temple will require a group of level 30 plus players and require them to be at the top of their game. It would be wise to avoid entering the Temple at the early goings of your Holy Lands visit. Uskul also requires a group and the Historian quest that you receive from the League camp just below Tensess Temple can only be completed after venturing into Uskul. If you have a small group composed of low or mid level 20s try to grab a level 40 to help give you a run-through. You might also need a high level to help with the Troll and Ogre quests, which can otherwise give lower and mid 20 players a tough time.

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