Allods Online Rune Guide For Beginners

Allods Online Rune Guide For Beginners
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Get Acquainted With Runes - Allods Online Rune Guide For Beginners

The game that’s considered as a more hardcore version of World of Warcraft has a lot of little ins-and-outs with its gameplay and features. It’s not like you can just boot up Allods, start grinding and instantly know what you’re doing because you simply can’t do it. You need to learn about rubies and you’ll need to learn about runes before you hit the zones and start questing like a mad person.

This Allods Online rune guide for beginners covers all the basics of what runes do in Allods and how you can use them to not only get stronger but to quest more efficiently or earn higher patronage to gain new treasures.

So What Are Runes?

Rune Guide

Runes in Allods are similar to crystals, stones or relics from most other MMOs that are used to increase the player’s total damage or defense. There are 12 different rune types, each with their own attributes. After level 15 players become attached to a rune type and gain the first level of patronage. And for those wondering, the patronage allows players to open more than one treasure a day after using incense to activate the rune patronage.

After level 15 check your toon’s avatar in the top left corner of the screen and you’ll see the rune icon. You can hover the mouse over the icon to see what stats the rune adds to your character or the bonus it incites when incense is activated.

Outside of your character’s rune patronage you can add runes of that type to your equipment, including your pants, your chest armor, shoulder pads and helmet.

Adding Runes And Removing Runes From Equipment

Removing runes with a rune remover

No matter what level your character is, once they receive patronage for a rune the most important thing you should keep in mind is gaining higher level runes for equipment primed for your level.

If you happen upon uncommon or rare items that you plan on using for a while then you’ll probably want to add higher level runes to the equipment. In order to do this you can either check the auction house for the rune that matches your toon or remove the runes from equipment you find in your adventuring.

In order to remove a rune you’ll need a rune pick remover. You can purchase a basic rune pick from the rune NPC. Simply right click the pick onto the equipment to remove the rune from the item. Once the rune is in your inventory simply right click it onto the piece of equipment that you want.

Making Higher Level Runes Using Chips And Dust

Rune stats and attributes

In order to make runes level 2, level 3, level 4, and so on and so forth, you’ll need to combine them using a rune welder. Now, I’m not going to lie about the success or expenses of combining runes because it is an expensive venture that requires a cash shop item called crystal chips. The good news is that crystal chips can be purchased from the auction house, but there is more bad news and it’s that crystal chips aren’t cheap.

Now some people might question what the point would be of upgrading a rune if it’s so expensive. Every level of a rune adds additional damage or defense to an item and the percentage of damage or defense increases significantly with higher level runes.

Also, take note that the highlight of welding runes isn’t always dependent on having a lot of crystal chips to get the job done. Thankfully the designers were savvy enough to add an option that allows gamers to manipulate a sliding bar on a scale to determine how many crystal chips or how much gold dust is required to combine a rune.

The higher level the rune the more gold dust and crystal chips are required to make the rune.

Removing Higher Level Runes

Don’t worry, using runes isn’t as complicated as this stuff

There’s one thing more terrifying than making a high level rune with the risk of it not coming out right and that’s removing a high level rune from equipment. Now what makes it so frightening removing a high level rune from your equipment (in case you wanted to put it into a new item) is that without the proper tools you can destroy or lose the attributes of a rune, possibly degrading it down to a level 1 rune.

For low level runes, a basic rune pick remover can take out a level 1 rune with ease. However, for level 2 through 4 runes you’ll need a more advanced rune pick remover. Level 5 and beyond will require a top notch remover called a Professional Rune Removal Pick, which actually costs a pretty penny (about 3000 gPotatos).

There’s no need to worry about high level runes until your toon is probably level 35 or beyond given the constant exchange and switch of equipment.

For more information on runes and Allods Online, you can check out some beginner guides here at Bright Hub or visit the Official Allods Online Website.

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