Allods Online Beginner Walkthrough For Wardens

Allods Online Beginner Walkthrough For Wardens
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A Walkthrough For Wardens

New players hopping onto the astral ship express known as Allods Online probably are completely clueless on what classes to play and why. And it’s true, Allods has one of the largest caches of playable classes and sub-classes in an MMORPG and a ton of gamers would probably like a little bit of insight on how they work in-game and what makes them worth playing. So to help newbies get situated with the Warden class in Allods, this guide will help explain their purpose and explore some of their skills and abilities that players will be able to use and employ throughout the game.

So What Is A Warden And What Do They Do?

The Warden and his trusty bear

Unlike a lot of games, the Warden is not a singular class designated to a simple set of skills. In fact, the Warden class in Allods is probably one of the most complex classes in the game and features a mix of many different skills all rolled up into one kick butt archetype.

The Warden is classified as a druid who doesn’t wear leather and can’t use bows or swords. All Wardens come with a pet and special skills designated to the pet and the player. In addition to this, Wardens can utilize some magical abilities that include healing skills and elemental projectiles along with melee skills for bludgeon type weapons that include hammers, spears, clubs, claws and staffs.

Depending on a player’s playing preference will ultimately decide what kind of character the Warden becomes. Players can designate their Warden as a fighter with powerful melee attacks or as a druid wizard with long-range projectile abilities. As mentioned, the Warden is a unique character class with a lot of potential based on how players would like to develop them.

Bears, Rabbits Or Goblins?

Sadly pets can’t be used to pick flowers for you

Allods Online is like two distinct games in one. The League side plays out far differently than the side of the Empire, and the same applies for some of the classes on both sides, especially the Psionicist and Warden classes. On the side of the Empire players can only play as Orc Wardens, which means that they are already primed and ready for a lot of melee combat.

On the League’s side players will have two different Warden classes to choose from, including a Gibberling and a Kanian Warden. The difference between the two is that the Gibberlings are tiny and so they have a rabbit to accompany them while the Kanian Warden is accompanied by a bear. On the side of the Empire the Orc Warden receives a goblin as a pet.

Clubs, Spears And Hammers

Spiked-fists are good in up-close melee encounters

Wardens are all about options: the option to build a unique fighter, a powerful mage or a tactical support warrior. Having a pet start with the Warden at the beginning of the game helps a lot in determining what sort of character players would like their Warden to become. There are just so many options it’s almost nerve wrecking just thinking about all the different ways to develop the avatar into a unique force to be reckoned with.

Now, the neat part is that leveling in Allods is paced insofar that it gives players plenty of time to determine what they would like out of their Warden. For gamers who prefer a mixed balance of melee and magical abilities, a nice option would probably be to stick with clubs or hammers, which allows for a nice balance of dealing damage while focusing on executing devastating elemental attacks. It would be best to put talent points in the character’s magical abilities per level, while relying on the blunt force of the club, axe, spear or hammer to do the rest of the damage. A spear is particularly good for mixing melee with magic because it allows players to use an off-hand object that can greatly increase casting damage or spell effects.

Claws And Staffs

Pondering the many routes of the Warden

Staffs, as you might have guessed, are best for relying solely on building a caster. The staffs can be used for melee attacks, but have properties and stats designed for increasing intelligence and wisdom. Staffs are best combined with robes, and other accessories that help boost casting and magic damage.

For all out carnage a better option for gamers would be dual-wielding weapons, including the claws. The upside for the claws is that players can attack really fast and don’t have to wait for a cool down between attacks, making it very effective for battling foes up close and personal. Of course, when using claws players are best suited for equipping leather armor (after reaching level 10) ensuring that when engaged in melee combat your character has enough defense to take less damage than you deal.

Hopefully this guide helps iron out the basics of what to expect from a Warden in Allods Online. For more information be sure to visit the Official Website.

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