Allods Online Melee Healer Guide For Beginners

Allods Online Melee Healer Guide For Beginners
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How Do You Build A Melee Healer?

In Allods Online all classes can be molded and shaped depending on what type of Talents and ruby skills that you choose for them. You may have already scoped out the basic Allods Healer guide here at Bright Hub, however, for those of you wanted to focus more on PvP and massive DPS you may need a guide on building a Melee Healer. Hence, this Allods Online Melee Healer guide will help clarify on how the Healer class character can be shaped into a high damage Melee Healer. First, let’s look at the stats you will need.

The four main stats you will need to upgrade for a Melee Healer are:

Intelligence: This stat helps deal out damage for both your long rang spells, and close range spells like verdict.

Perception: For a Healer, this stat works as your dexterity. High perception means you won’t miss as much with the verdict skill, and your spells will have a higher chance of successfully hitting their targets.

Luck: Increases your critical hit rate, for melee attacks, magic attacks, and for when using healing spells.

Wisdom: This is for your mana. When using holy rage, you’re going to need a lot of mana.

Melee Healer Talent tree

Kanian Healers

Now that you know what stats you need, next we will go over the ruby and talent tree, because this will be the biggest factor in making a Melee Healer. This list below is just for reference, keep in mind that you can modify your talent grid to fit your playing style.

Below is a list of the talents you’ll need for your Melee build. The numbers on the side will let you know how many points (or rubies) to add to that skill. For a complete list of all the skills and their effects, be sure to visit the Allods online web site.

(1/3) Holy blast: This is the skill you start with, most Melee Healers don’t add more points to it.

(3/3) Verdict: The main focus for Melee Healers. This will be your main skill for attacking, and adds fanaticism effects.

(3/3) Cleansing flame: Think of this as a poison attack, it’s useful to deal some extra damage to your opponent as a DoT.

(3/3) Blind faith: This skill is perfect for PVP and PVE, because It may help give you the upper hand in battle for a few seconds.

Melee Healer Talent Grid: Part 2

Talent Grid 1

(1/3) Heavenly smite: If you stack up nine fanaticisms, you’ll gain an instant cast time. It’s a good AOE skill.

(3/3) Holy shield: If you max this skill out, you will be invincible for up to 12 seconds.

(X/X) Ascension: This skill is completely optional. It basically increases your critical hit chance by 200% and reduces your threat level.

(3/3) Perpetual healing: If you use your healing skills just right, you’ll be able to constantly heal yourself.

(1/3) Resurrection: This is optional. Some MH skip this skill all together.

(3/3) Holy rage: The best skill to have as a MH. It does very high damage as it stacks up, but you’ll need a lot of mana to keep using it.

(3/3) Divine prayer: This is an instant heal, so you’ll want this for when you need HP quickly.

Talent Grid 1-2

(1/3) Purification: You’ll want a basic point for this just to get rid of annoying spell effects that’s holding you back

(1/3) Holy rejuvenation: This heals a large amount of HP, so a lot of people put a basic point in this.

(1/3) Binding light: Just use a basic point on this because it helps to disable your enemy. If the skill is used correctly, it can be very handy for PVP, or fighting tough monsters.

Knowing the Talent grid

Because the Healers have so many talents to choose from in the talent grid, there’s no need to tell you about all of them. Instead this Healer guide will simply help clarify the ones that you will need as a Melee Healer build. Refer to the pictures shown to help give you a better idea on how your grid should look. The skills highlighted in red are the ones that are optional.

Talent Grid 2

Here is a list of the names of Talents that you’ll want to spend your rubies on for your Melee Healer:

Divine instincts: (Optional, mostly for tank builds. This skill helps you to dodge and block attacks)

Power of faith: (Highly recommended, lowers cooldown time with verdict and holy rage)

Devout servant: (Highly recommended)

Blessed steel: (Highly recommended. This is one of the best skills for Melee Healers because it increases your Melee damage by 10% for each level gained)

Unbending will: (Recommended, needed to gain another blessed steel.)

Knowing The Talent Grid: Part 2

A healer taking a stroll at night

Brilliant faith - (Highly recommended. This heals you for every time you gain a fanaticism effect, and since you’ll be using Verdict a lot, it means you’ll be getting healed quite often)

Veracity – (This is highly recommended for Melee Healers that want high damage with two-handed weapons)

Holy avenger - (Recommended because it leads to another blessed steel skill)

Angelic grace – (Recommended because it leads to Deep concentration skill)

Deep concentration – (Highly recommended. This skill is useful because it increases the time for your holy shield spell and reduces its cooldown time)

Disciples reward – (This skill is highly recommended because it increases you magical and armor resistance when your life is lower then 50%)

Entreaty – (Recommended. This is a helpful skill when you are quickly in need of health. It heals you instantly with quite a bit of HP)

A Few Tips On Making Your Melee Healer


You need to decide before hand if you want to be a tank that uses shields, or if you want to go for full damage and use two-handed weapons. You don’t have to follow this guide exactly, but it does give you a good idea in where to start. For example, some player’s substitute Entreaty for Divine foresight, and other players don’t even bother getting the Ascension skill because it lowers their threat level when tanking. So you might want to try experimenting to see what works best for you.

One thing you might want to keep in mind though when building your character is to not have a hybrid. Mixing a Melee Healer and a full support Healer into one character can and will have bad effects on your character in the long run because they won’t be able to heal effectively or deal damage correctly.

When playing a hybrid character you may find yourself with a build that has everything, but is good at nothing. So pick your talents wisely to find the right build that works best for your playing style.

Hopefully this Melee Healer guide for beginners helped clarify a few of the necessary points in making a DPS heavy Melee Healer. For more guides and walkthroughs for Allods Online and other MMOs be sure to check them out right here at Bright Hub.

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